Computer Games

Blue Horizontal Line


The children of America are being well trained,
On how to manipulate others through computerized games.
What can be expected from the future?
When they are trained daily to manipulate human shapes,
And to use technology to force caricatures of people,
To do their will and win the game.

Sad it is to see children playing games,
Showing the world as a mere challenge of technology,
The dominant invention ensures the dominant elite.
While personal satisfaction in the games,
Comes from successfully manipulating others.

Yet all day and late into the American night,
Their children sit with a gear box and T.V. before them,
Manipulating passive shadow people for their pleasure,
By changing gears upon the box.
How could this not be their habit taught well when young,
As they grow up and grow older?
If such is now their amusement and their joy,
Their fantasies are laying the tracks for later life.

The shadows the children manipulate have no will,
They are human shapes being used in a power control game,
Passive as soldiers having been drilled to follow orders,
And exist to give their masters, the players, joy
As the hero wins by manipulating,
As the player’s emotional satisfaction,
Arises from controlling others by pushing buttons.
Turning knobs and changing gears.

The children in America are being trained as manipulators,
Today mastering human shadows tomorrow to be real.
But forever non-real to the masters behind the switches.
The contest exists in others being engineered for victory.
Thinkst thou that as the twig is bent,
The tree will not be so inclined to grow?
And do you believe others around the world will be happy?
To be used in the role of passive robots,
Cast for them in computerized games.

No prince of old was ever so spoiled and ruined,
As well as the children of today are likewise trained,
To be power brokers using others in their game,
And to regard people as non-feeling, empty pawns,
Used for the vanity of the technologically dominant,
Knob turners and those in training to be manipulating

How do you think these so reared youthful masters,
Will respond to challenges as adults?
But by instinctively reaching,
For the button to press or knob to turn,
That may obtain for them subservience and the victory.

Each day the children of America are reared,
To see the world as merely a challenge of technology,
Made of shadowy people to be engineered in games,
With the hope of the winners’ self—aggrandizement,
By cleverly controlling the diminutive ones,
Handed them by fate.

Is this progress in teaching children values?
By keeping unfeeling human shapes as pawns of power,
For the sick gratifying of the few aspiring only to win,
Assuming the purpose of life is victory not service.

It used to be this is how kings and old elites were trained,
To view others as pawns in a power game;
I see them now trained by their games only to use others:
The winners are ones clever enough to learn to play,
Cold enough to be anti-social in the playing of it,
Desiring power above virtue and above all things,
So our children compete in these dehumanizing games,
Learning how to function as American adults.
For this is how Napoleon thought,
Henry VIII, the egotism Machiavelli taught:
Manipulate the people, poor and bleating to be sheared,
As rulers learn how to move diminutive shapes correctly,
So win the game, and if their strategies might fail,
Re-start the drive to win not now but next time.
So what if humanity must be crushed once more?
Under the wheels of Presidents and their pawns,
The propagandists and their pimps,
The selfish and the rich,
And the people suffer under Napoleons only out to win,
Rulers ignorant of the heart again.



Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.