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A man without faith,
Is like a bird who will not fly.
We are created in nature for faith,
As a bird is for the air.
Truly, faith is our air.
The bird does not see the air he rises on,
Nor does a person see the faith that carries him.

How sad to see a wing clipped bird,
Forced to limp along some ground he needs to leave,
To live again refreshed and flying,
As he was created to.
How sad to see so many faithless limp along,
Unwholesome, mind-sick and self-cut, earth bound,
Through selfish and perverted reasonings.
They lack the wings of faith they need,
To fully achieve the glorious life meant for them to share,
When they were made by nature to meet, soar and live refreshed
Through God, picked up by mighty wings of faith.
Now grotesque and faithless, how they need to fly.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.