If All You Have To Do

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If all you have to do,
Is tell a man to change his mind,
And he does or can,
He doesn’t have one,
And this is what advertising has proved:
The mindless are out there,
To be manipulated by the meaningless item,
The pretty phrase or the clever image.
Everyone with any sense knows this,
But still you have to be immoral to do it.

We are caught in a strange system in an unusual time,
Where the amoral few regularly dupe the mindless many,
The clever few manipulating for their selfish advantage,
The voting of the meaning well but mindless many,
The soul suppressed and the heart empty,
And all the new intellectual army of irreverent cuties,
All who have changed their minds so often,
They do it on cue from the media,
As they have not enough depth of mind or soul,
To cast an anchor in,
Such are our shallow water men.

So what does Christianity do?
It rings the steeple bells,
Or sends its message whatever way it may choose:
Vote! Voting is good idea even if a very fallible way,
Of arriving at a correct decision.
But the steeple bells do not ring,
Nor do all the spirits and spheres of the universe sing,
Because mankind gets to vote on merely transient things,
They rejoice because the Love of Christ is King.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.