Keep Silent

Blue Horizontal Line


I will not go creeping to the cross,
I know a man who does,
And I can't stand him.
I have to ask God for grace,
To be around him.
Else I say what I would not,
In a way I should not,
And self-control is a Christian thing,
Itís reasonable to expect it.
But an outraged heart can be hard to rein,
Iím afraid Iíll say what I should not,
In a way I would not.
As I do not suffer fools gladly,
But I am afraid rather badly,
Which is not what the Apostle said to do,
But I do sincerely try to keep my mouth shut,
Though at times I think Iíll burst and die,
When I keep silent,
But Iím glad to say,
So far, praise God, I haven't.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.