Not Act?

Blue Horizontal Line


Would you in base conformity not act~
Or frozen in fossilizing uniformity be held back,
Some immobile relic of a sad, low past,
Because you are afraid to err, to believe,
To set out on your own to sea,
To seize and have your day in God,
Regardless of whatever the others say,
How the modern sheep minds bleat,
Or the conventional zombies think.

No, dare to err, such is the way the intelligent learn,
The story of mankind is necessary error in love and thought.
All err. Nations, governments and people have erred.
What is this neurotic modern desire,
To have things without effort and without mistake?
Not to pay the price in nerve of failure.
Error is the cross everything writhes on,
The sacrifice we give to learn or love.
Any winning effort always results in victory plus errors,
There is not any perfect effort known to man,
And so we are saved not by perfection but by grace.

But if nothing were tried, no effort,
What can happen but drifting rudderless to sorrow time?
No, it is far better to appeal to grace, jump in, dare,
And make your effort knowing it is not perfect,
But dare try, knowing well you may err in some things,
Furthermore you will continue to err.
What is that? Nothing.
Many a mistake is made in every successful battle.
But if one claims grace, dares to act bravely,
It is a true spiritual principle,
That many live miserably to die poor, frightened and scared,
But those who try supremely, die serenely,
And for them Heavenís doors open wide.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.