On Love Above Creeds

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The people want a spiritual religion
That will unite them.
Instead they have sometimes been given creeds,
These can divide them.
A creed is a crutch meant to help one balance,
But they have been turned into clubs to hit each other;
But why is difference of opinion wrong?
A spiritually secure man doesn't mind difference of opinions.
He believes opinions are like clouds that may hide the sun now,
But they will pass one day.
The warmth and light of the sun remains.

If your church is held together only by a creed,
You are in trouble. That will be flat and literal religion.
Your church must have spiritual religion to please God.

It is not agreement that holds the family together;
It is love;
It is not unanimity of opinion that holds the church together;
It is love.
One organization does not mean love.
Many organizations do not mean hate.
It is the spirit of things and in things.

Let us see different creeds loving each other.
Let us see different organizations respecting each other.
Let us see different people caring for each other.
Let us see different views living with each other.
Let us see those who must separate, separate with respect.
Let us see those who must divorce, do so caringly.
Let us try to live unto love.
Is this not God's way?
He of all creeds and all faiths.
God is Love.
Wherever there is love, there is God,
Just as wherever there is sunlight, there is sun.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.