Organized Religion

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God will not fail you,
But organized religion will, Sooner or later,
Just wait.
Always be able to rise above it,
You should be in the church,
But not entirely of it.

Attend church but keep your mind alive,
Your spirit wary;
Be ready to wink at God,
Whenever these churches pray.

Be mindful some in the church are not too bright,
While some of their leaders couldn't walk a dog.
Some of the professionally trained seminarians
Have gone as crazy as the culture they are in.
They are trying to update churches to dance to the bad music
Of a sick time.

Let those loving God beware,
So as not to be made bitter,
Or be made fools of,
Or be manipulated by ecclesiastical buggery.

Thomas, do you doubt me?
Remember the Inquisitions,
St. Bartholomew's Day,
And the evils done by those of all faiths
That continue even today.

God makes saints through grace,
But without grace, the church makes fools,
Because they have mere knowledge of creed without
The transcendent yeast-rising spirit of God.

This does not mean organized religion is evil,
Or there is no place for it,
But you are saved by loving trust in God,
Balanced by a shrewd lack of trust in sinful people;
Selfish, shallow, manipulative and egotistical human nature
Is present in all peoples in all churches,
To one degree or another.
So go to church,
But pray with one eye open.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.