Be Advised

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Be advised:
Do not let what should be,
Spoil for you what is,
Thereby perverting faith and ruining your joy in God.
Religion is a kindly force,
And it is natural it asks us to aspire to more,
But not at the cost of the delighted moment of warming joy,
Not at the cost of rhythms of happy praise in living.

It is a great sin for us not to enjoy what is,
As enjoying God and His gifts is manís highest form of gratitude and praise,
That if missed, throws away the best humanity has to give to God.
And do not look down on what you are,
Because of what you might have been,
I thank my God for what you are to me.
Try not to turn my gift into your sin,
By silly talk of what you might have been.

Do not be the average silly parents,
Who ask their children to be better than they.
Inform your children they will be very fortunate,
To be anywhere near as decent as you when grown.
Do not ask your children to be more than you,
Ask that they not be less.
Your children will be fortunate to be as full of grace as you.
It is enough giving them years of living with you,
Many opportunities to see you as you are,
After that, to your example they should be true,
And the world will be lucky if they are as good as you..


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.