Of Grace And Unity

Blue Horizontal Line


I worship in all sorts of strangely ways,
And during a Quaker-like silent time I often find,
A new idea or emphasis spontaneously combusts within my mind,
I feel the heart is warmed, sometimes by a grace that shakes,
To wake the sleeping divinity inside us all,
When laid upon my mind is some new truth,
Once I might rarely have considered,
But seems more timely now,
Like being overly concerned with our own salvation,
Which shows us as beings too far apart, given to,
A falling short of grace within the heart.

So I say reasoning from Christ to God:
How can we be wholly happy in being saved,
If those we love are not?
I have decided now the challenge is,
Not can I be saved,
A very selfish and limited consideration,
But how do we help to save each other in various ways,
And find a bigger vision of an appropriate unity,
Of freedom without a distressing uniformity,
That life may go forward in a union of design,
Shining and apart, diverse, but obviously one sovereign work,
As the stars will make the sky a carpet of the night,
Of many shades of light, diversely shining bright;
Or as tiny particles and little grains of sand,
Unite en masse to form an illuminating band, a beach,
A ribbon of sparkling silver dressing inlaid around the sea,
could any such sun shining beach vision be?
If the pieces were not positioned for the transcending unity,
That marks a place of grace,
A niche for the soul,
A spot where the value of unity may be felt and seen,

I find a beach can make me feel back home,
As might you, if home could make you feel better,
And was a place where unity brought all together,
Circumstances not always so.
But even in my sleep,
The image of a beach is a message from an inner light,
A Christmas card from deep within that means,
Be still, oh soul, thy future is serene.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.