If Heaven Has Eternity

Blue Horizontal Line


If Heaven has eternity,
Earth has its bright moments,
And each of us has some time of grace,
When a chord of feeling swells,
Or dawn of new emotions breaks,
Opens heaven high and we feel some hint of itís existence,
As we are touched by elemental rhythms of life and heart,
Planted by Godís grace in nature and our lives,
As babies born, love and marriage days,
And other sweet happenings in the course of time,
Whose moments raise us high as when we first see,
Oceans, certain trees and sunsets in the sky.
These glimpses of perspective, joy and grace,
Call up in me spontaneous Thanksgivings,
As I sense the goodness of the earth is ours:
Find God is greater than mere good,
And that to each of us He gives,
While in everything He lives.
At such times how rich in life I feel,
Holding some Christmas baby, hope freshly born,
And knowing that at the heart of everything,
The great Redeemer of mankind is King.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.