If The Truth Were In

Blue Horizontal Line


Oh, how I like being with the wicked,
Not to do mean things,
But I find I like sinners as Jesus did,
They can make me laugh at their blunt honesty,
And they know things good people never learn,
And that I never learned either,
But sensed instinctively,
As I hold on man timely Calvinistic views too true,
To be acknowledged publicly by the squeamish majority,
Of respectable people running away from life,
God and redemption and other basic classical truths,
That are out of style and fashion in our light time.

I could have been a great sinner but for grace,
And many a criminal Nicodemus calls to see me in the night,
They steal in like characters out of Russian novels.
That is of the better sort of books,
They lie in public, but they do not have to lie to me,
Because our situation is confessional,
And as I listen horror and pity, like waves,
Sometime surge in. And I think, perhaps it is good,
The elite class skates along on their thin liberal ice,
Of civilization, denying the depth beneath, reality and sin.
It is safer for them to believe their own silly imaging,
They would fall apart at the truth if it were in.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.