Earth Has Its Moments

Blue Horizontal Line


If Heaven has eternity,
Earth has its moments,
And each of us at times have ours.
When some pedal of sweeter feelings is hard pressed,
Or an aria of emotion peaks,
Showing us how time in heaven feels,
And our hours like logs blaze out in merriment,
As we are lifted by common universal feelings,
Caught up in the elemental rhythms of the heart,
The joys God created humankind to share.

Moments given by Him to grace our lives,
To fill us with divine content,
A deeper sense of betterment,
As babies, love and marriage days will do,
Or brief sightings of eternity-catching views,
As oceans, certain trees and daybreaks near sublime,
The swans of a river cooly floating down,
The elegant curves of flying birds on gliding wings,
Such moments of grace most pleasantly do sting,
As we are raised to spontaneous thanksgiving,
Since earth seems right, and we and it are unified,
As moments of real living, however brief, are ours.
We find God greater than just good,
That as He lives, to each of us He gives,
Moments to make us feel rich in life,
Becoming aware of what true wealth is,
And for a moment knowing a great Redeeming Spirit lives.

*Lines written to celebrate the union in marriage of
"Sam" and Tom Pumroy.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.