On Liberals

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A man told me he hated liberals,
And those who denigrate God.
And I said, I say, how awful,
Hate does not hurt them but it sours you.
I always feel sorry for liberals.
I try to be overly kind to them as I am to children,
Because they are not mentally mature,
No matter how many university degrees they may have.
They are as children who have not seen the full picture,
They are not aware yet of the invisible spiritual half of life,
That is one of the great break throughs in being,
The higher half of the human vision where
Life goes from the literal to experience the vibrancy of spiritual being.
Liberals are but children who are still innocent of great things in life,
And will be until they experience the end of their age of innocence.
A liberal is like a child who has not gone into puberty,
He may be an adult yet has not yet discovered the spiritual world
That God created for whole people to enjoy.

How can you hate children?
Of course spoiled and overly indulged children are annoying,
But I try to have patience because they are small primitive thinkers who do not understand.
This is of course no reason to let them unite, run wild and try to smash everything.
Lines have to be drawn with these children as with liberals.,
But nicely, politely and never being rude back,
Because children and liberals, as you know, can certainly be obnoxious at times,
But what good does it do them or you to be rude back?
And what good does it do to you or them to hate them?
One must be patient with those of undeveloped awareness.
Would you slap a blind man who said there were no trees?
Will it make his assessment of things less defective?
And what will it do to you?
Does it help your spirituality grow to slap a blind man?
It is not an action that honors God.
Honor God by your actions towards those that do not believe in God.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.