Blue Horizontal Line


My patience is diminishing,
That is a sign I must be quiet and still,
I must go to the rock in my soul,
My alone must be alone with the Alone,
As I am growing too disgusted with the pressures that sour the world,
The daily searching for money,
And all the insulting self-destructive choices offered on this earth,
So easily and constantly I am amazed by the gall of those without grace,
The monkey mentalities of society, swinging to and fro,
Whether they wax or wane, their talk is always shallow and inane,
Their misinterpreting of all complex motives by simplistic minds,
Selfish people gone quite mad on possessing anything except their souls,
Their obsession with the flesh and just the flesh,
Shows many are obviously deranged,
Exaggerating the importance of the carnal out of all proportion,
And having no realistic perspective on life.

I am mortified by what goes on, disgusted and outraged,
That it has come to this, not the hope for mankind I so generously dreamed,
But a commonly held spiritual poverty far worse than materialism.
Their morals are gross and their thinking mean..
It is at times like this, I need to sit alone,
To recall and reaffirm,
The existence of a stronger invisible and spiritual world,
That lies behind the merely visible world our monkey minds go out to desecrate each day,
While the invisible world blessedly is saved from manipulation by its mystery.
Alone I consider the Greater Mind of God that must patiently endure,
But, nevertheless, is always there weaving His sovereign will:
The Mind In Charge affirming life and giving to us continuous grace unendingly.
I see by faith unseen angels like Generals directing the battle from a hill,
And am reassured unseen forces,
Are working out Godís will.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.