Promised Land

Blue Horizontal Line


Although there are things I cannot believe,
I have always preferred to believe,
Since I do not want to be one of those going around whining,
“I cannot believe,”
And asking others to eliminate the creeds,
Or chop up the Bible to make it easier for them to believe.
Self-pity and dramatizing is not for me,
And that’s as well,
Since grace is what it takes to believe,
And man cannot chop up, fix or supply,
Through understanding the grace non-believers need;
I wish it were as simple as all that,
But it is far more than understanding that non-believers lack.

Understanding creates contempt,
And turns us into mere scientists,
Putting what we understand to wrongful use,
To bomb, to kill, to manipulate, to shame,.
To outwit others and get one up on all the fools.
it is not mere understanding people lack,
But a quality of grace on how to take,
The knowledge that we have and use it well.
If we are given understanding, that is not enough,
Though we understand all things and have not love,
We are as sounding brass,
And it takes love, not talk of what we can or cannot not understand,
To open up any Promised Land!


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.