I Can Be Tender

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I can be tender; I can be kind,
To anyone because of Christ.
My love of Christ inspires good will for others,
Real concern and genuine obligation,
But to be told to love someone is no light thing,
It really seems silly to me,
As love is not an act of will,
So I can turn it on and off like a T.V.
As so many church fools seem to want us to,
Empty minds misreading scripture,
Being churched into airy fancies and foolishness,
By God knows what kind of preachers.
But gushing falsehoods I'll not do.
And that kind of a faith Iíll not suffer under,
Nor will I pass it on,
As help is an act of will we do,
Love is a state of grace God gives.
I may no more control my love,
Than what the weather is.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.