The American Experience

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In America and the world, the mind-set,
The mass mood, is that of victims full of self-pity.
Nearly everyone says they have been used.
They assume justice, even perfection, was owed them at birth,
And because they did not get it (who has?)
They harbor a sense of being abused.
The children say their parents were not there for them
Or recite what their parents should have been in some mad sentimental fantasy they have.
The husbands say their wives lack understanding,
The women say their men tried hard to dominate them,
While no one believes he or she has what they should have
In the way of material possessions.
A sense of envy embitters everything,
While outrage rationalizes anything in the way of conduct.
Things are owed them, they aim to collect,
So selfishness and bitter entitlement run free, fanned by flames of bitterness,
And crime is everywhere present but excused,
Because everyone has been treated imperfectly since birth.
The idea is, I was done to, so I can do to you.
As in America the blacks say they were victims of the whites
Yes, they were, but every minority has a current list of grudges past,
And whites (not to be outdone) have learned the victim talk and walk.
And say they too are victims,
While receiving little for their taxes and that little defective,
Which has some truth to it.
They are as everyone else is, much put upon,
In America and all over the world.

Is it not an irony?
That the richest country on earth, the pride of ages,
Has the mind set of a Concentration Camp of displaced persons?
Has not God pulled down the Mighty from their seats?
And the rich He hath sent empty away.
When in the land of the rich and mighty,
They see themselves as victims?
And what good does it do to win?
When you are in your eyes the losers and the victims.

But in the land of victims,
Only the ones who see themselves not as victims,
Are really free to be free,
In America and, perhaps, the world,
Only a few are free and those far, far between.
The rest are victims of a past they will not leave.

Living as I do among outraged people who have a mind set,
Similar to victims in a concentration camp,
I walk among them freed by grace.
Why do I see myself as free?
God has given me a higher view,
More objective than otherwise I might have had.
Had I not been lifted by grace to a view higher than selfishness,
Above one of whining and self-pity
Victimized I have been, as has nearly everyone on earth,
But through grace I have moved beyond an arrested state of development,
Which is a stunting self-pity and a sense of outrage at being a victim.
Are we not all victims in some way some time?
We share this with Christ who was a victim for all of us in buying our redemption through
His suffering.
Should we not turn the victimization we have suffered into a redemption for others,
As Christ has done.
I pray you may rise through grace to a higher view to live,
On a higher level than dramatizing yourself and encouraging whining self-pity
Self-pity ruins, avoid ruinous self-pity
And the whining about being a victim the American Experience gives.
Stop thinking of yourself as a victim.
Breathe in Christ, breathe free
Be responsible for yourself to God.
Walk free,
Love free,
Be free,
Your attitude of mind
Determines if you are free.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.