A Paradox:
The Baby Grows

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It is not easy for parents to watch the baby grow,
To see the precious baby unique to them changing.
They rejoice but still regret it so.
Yet it would pain the parents also and far more,
If the baby didnít grow, lagged and was left behind.
Part of them is sad to see the baby change,
Yet another part of them wants to see their baby grow,
Glorying in the child that is a part of them triumphantly,
Looking forward to how their child will shoot up one day.

There is inside of us a dual mind at times, a tension,
Emanating from natural depths of emotion, tenable and strong,
That are not logical or reasonable but obviously there,
Expressing higher states of truth than reasoning ever can.
In such the essential story of good living is best found,
As logic is an oversimplifying thing life can be less for.
The grave yards are full of those who have achieved logic,
By dividing the body and the soul, butchering the paradox,
Thereby ending the union of two opposites that real life is.

When out of two feelings, you choose one,
Then you lose the other.
To choose is to lose,
And if to choose does make us lose,
Who but a fool would choose to numb one half his feelings?
Logic unsuppressed can make half wits of us all,
And often does so, entertaining half-thinkers.
Reason is the lobotomy the mind tries to give the feelings,
Making logical half people, not what the world needs most of,
As the real truth in life lies in holding, balancing, being,
By honoring the truth of two or more opposing real
feelings :Paradoxes in life revealed to us through living.

These paradoxes may not seem logical,
But logic has nothing to do with truth,
As illogical feelings may express the higher truth of living,
In a better way and give a fuller vision.
To achieve logic may be demeaning to the dignity of man,
As to be loving in not entirely logical,
And we are told in the scriptures to put love first,
Not logic, and that truth is a way of living love.
The truth about how living love feels is best shown,
Through the tug of war of two or more opposing feelings.
Love is caught in the stress created thereby. I find,
Truths expressing the illogical feelings and tugs in life,
Are the truths that seem highest, truest and best,
And in the high style of heaven put logic to rest.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.