Grafting Ourselves To Christ

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If asked what the churches are primarily meant to do, I would say they are to aid people in grafting to Christ. As God is the Divine Root of the Universe, Christ is the perfect flowering. The churches try to aid in grafting mere humans who are not perfect onto Christ and God.

How graft with Christ? Many ways exist to bond with Him. There is prayer, study, meditation, creativeness, entering into contracts or covenants with God, and sharing in covenant contracts undertaken by the churches, the people of God. In using any or many of these strategies we bond with Gods. First we bond, then we graft.

It is a truism that by assuming the truth and reality of faith, we find faith. This is just as the scripture says, “in thy light we shall see light.”   (Psalm 36:9 ) assuming and working in a faith we are not sure of, we discover  that faith is real.

By bonding in faith, you may graft onto greater faith and find it real and that Christ is a reality. Do not be held back by the little scraps of knowledge now thrown about, but glory in “the love of Christ which passeth knowledge.” ( Ephesians 12:19 ) For the love of Christ is more than a little knowledge. It is the ultimate knowledge that challenges your life and all life by Being. What is it to have a few scrap facts lying about. That is not real BEING. The highest knowledge is that of BEING. That type is found in God and His manifestations.

So endeavor to bond with God that you may be grow slowly and graft to the Divine Root of Being that is at the center of the universe.

Work with God in prayer, meditation, studying, conversation of a holy nature, worship services and doing covenanted works either by yourself with God or with churches working for God. These are bonders to God and potential grafters of grace to God.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.