Homesick For Heaven

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I hope it helps you to know how when I am homesick for Heaven, wanting to go ahead and be with God, remembering how satisfying is His presence, and how enjoyable is the company of Christ, I stop and think myself to order.

I rest in the thought that God knows best, whatever will be, shall be through Him. And I am blessed by Him to be used here on earth in whatever way I can, however humble.

I recall that I am needed here. I ask God for the grace to wait when I consider how Iím wanted here. I ask God simply to let me do His will whatever comes. I recall how God is with us here to guide. To do some small service for Him is grace enough. I thank Him for the opportunity to do it.

In helping God I am caught up in grace enough for here. The grace I have is enough for me, if not so much as I desire because I think of me too much. Yet God will forgive me that. I am forgiven before I act because of what God has done for me.

Doing the will of God on earth can make a Heaven here. To be anywhere in harmony with God is a taste of Heaven. Though I may do only a little, I will make helping God along enough for me while here on earth. I thank God to do whatever I can.

I give thanks to God, not for mere things, but that I can do some things for Him, for those I care for and others I am bid to care for and share with. Each day I see His face in those I love by grace.

I pray for grace to be contented with that I have. I try to rest in God, waiting in graciousness for that day to come when He takes me to His Heavenly Home I sometimes am homesick for.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.