If This Be Treason

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Liberal used to be a good word that had different connotations than it does now. It is rather like the use of the word, “gay”. But the way our present liberals do not grasp the meaning and reality of human nature is almost unbelievable unless you have experienced it.

The hope of the liberals in America is to take God out of life. In this they follow the old example of Communism that was going to take God out of life. It didn’t work too well. Neither will the liberal attempt in America of trying to reconstruct people’s lives for them.

In America in Alabama a ruling was made by the sorry liberal courts to remove the Ten Commandments from the wall of a courthouse since there was a danger of someone seeing them reading them, and obeying them. This was the logic and wording of the court. Here you have liberalism that is out of it.

The Ten Commandments should have been left but similar laws in every other major religion should be written on the other walls. That would be the true spirit that was once America until the liberals came along. My thought is to let similar teachings be seen from every religion to show the univerality as well as to suggest a natural law all over.     Let us not deny grace but show grace everywhere.

It is hard to believe the liberals pushing things are so out of it. But they hope to take the existence of God out of American life at every level in which there is government. That means every level of society since the government dabbles and babbles everywhere. The government is largely run and staffed by liberals who share the same warped godless, graceless philosophy. Woe to America. Her greatness is departing.

The liberal ability to by-pass human nature is a sad thing. To get rid of belief in God would be aiding a disaster. But fortunately to get rid of God is not possible. Do liberals plan to abolish with belief in God our breathing, sleeping, eating and love--all those things natural to mankind?

The liberals hope to get rid of, muffle or control one of the elemental rhythms of life: religion. If this were not so sad, it would be funny. It reminds me of King Canute who placed his throne by the sea and forbade the ocean waves to roll. It didn’t stop them of course. But I bet his court collapsed with laughter behind the royal back. “Suffer fools gladly.” (II Corinthians 11:19)

Other attempts at muffling or denying God have been made before, one in Communism. (It is wiser now) Russia had its communists to deny and oppose God. We have our liberals. But God will survive.

Patrick Henry said to friends of the king of England, when Henry listed examples in a speech: “If this be treason, make the most of it.” I give you examples. Are they treason? Or reason? I think them God’s plain reason.

If liberals did not do so much harm to the quality of life in America by trying to remove God from it, we could be more patient. But mocking God is everywhere just as in the government at nearly all levels. The government is staffed, packed and run by liberals. The schools run through “education” requirements. The entertainment media is completely controlled by liberals. (Mention God and you get scornful looks, but this is everywhere in liberal land.)

Pulling God (and the things He stands for) out of life is like pulling the plug out of the bath tub. Morality, concern for others, non-commercial values all would be diminished. It would degrade society even further than it already is which is something.

The forces of optimism are weakened without God. The forces of hope are diminished. The rights given by nature’s God are obscured. The Apostle said that the love of Christ constraineth us. (II Corinthians 5:14)

If there is no recognition of God, that is one less positive force to “restrain and constrain” us. Then we are left mostly with negative forces to constrain and restrain, which it ought to be obvious to all, are not constraining nor doing very well in society today where many are scared to death.

Our Laws, criminal, courts, etc. do not work too well, thanks to the liberals. You have figured that out, haven’t you? (Refer to the case I have described above, but that is only one of many cases and incidents.) The schools are often farces. The government seems   incompetent. The courts are laughable as in the case above. Everything is run by liberals, schools, courts, government and they are running everything badly.

Even if you do not believe in God or a Great Spirit, you should see that the elimination of God in society pulls out many a foundation for good works. Also you are asking men not to dance to one of the elemental rhythms of creation: belief in God. Why frustrate the spirit of mankind more?

Mankind is already frustrated enough by the inadequacy and incompetency of many if not all governments and and institutions run by liberals as well as liberal laws they are forced to live under or with.         (Liberal theories come from books cut off from life that make little common sense. For example, marriage for homosexuals. Not a civil union that could be blessed by the church but marriage? It takes two of opposite sexes to marry, have and rear children. But that is a liberal for you: common sense and reality are not consulted.)

If you play down or hassle religion, God and belief in God, you should also try to stop breathing since belief is only a little less basic to mankind than breathing. Now this is the truth. Look at history. Face it, non-believers, people are going to breathe and believe. God is eternal and belief in God will endure.

I would not have you be ugly to any liberal or anyone. That is not strategy of Christ. But I would have you realize liberals do not offer options to be considered unless highly modified. Trust not the godless even though this is an age of political hypocrisy when you do not know who is really a believer and who isn’t. But time and grace will enable you to discover this.

Don’t worry! Liberalism is only a drop in the bucket of time. It is a mood that soon vanishes. It will pass, but how much more it will ruin our American quality of life before it passes on, I do not know. America is being ruined, at least that's how it appears to me at times.

But the ruin of America need not be the ruin of the world. America The Decadent may continue to decay just as it is so rapidly decaying now: a value disaster and an amoral and perverse place.

But if nothing else, let America be an example on what not to do. It was too much money dumped unaware that enabled it to indulge itself in amoral life styles and liberal doctrines full of fantasies like humanity can live without belief.

The other nations of the world are awakening economically and often spiritually. May their futures be wiser than America The Decadent, America The Liberal. America was once most beautiful in virtue, spirit and God. But the source of its beauty, its inner spirituality, like the inner spirituality of Israel has been denied. People see all things but the beauty of Holiness.

Hear the words of the prophet, Hosea, “Hear the Word of the Lord.., for the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of this land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land.”     (Hosea 4:1)

In America success started with God. It came by grace and it will go by the denial of grace and departure from the good values and beautiful virtues that came with grace. Now we see in America how “The beauty of Israel is slain upon thy high places: how are the mighty fallen.”          (II Samuel 1:19)

Do we not live in America The Decadent, so fallen from grace, that it is indistinguishable from pagan countries? In fact it is the leader among the pagans in popularizing paganism, poor ethics, bad values and amorality. No praise to God there.

The Apostle said, As you sow, so shall you reap. (Galatians 6:7) That is not the wicked judgment of God. It is justice for those who refuse grace. It is karma. It is natural law. Natural law is what you get unless you appeal to the higher law which is grace. Then you are under the law of grace, rather than the law of karma--you get what you give.

The ones living by the sword will perish by the sword. (Matthew 26: 52) Jesus is teaching karma. But do people repent? Some, yes, but the liberal elite smiles patronizingly at the ideas of Jesus. They say there is no God. There is for them nothing but materialism and its consequent greed.

For the too liberal elite, there is not any God but man. What Pharisees they are! Jesus had His Pharisees, and we have our liberals. We can live with them as Jesus did: pityingly, unhappily but not violently. Being aware of their weaknesses but not thrown off our course of honoring Christ and living for God as much as we can.

I ask you to judge before God. Is what I am preaching, like Patrick Henry, treason? Or is it reason? If you think reason, then as the prophet Isaiah says “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord,” (Isaiah 1: 18)


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.