Mankind Needs The Balance Of Religion

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The plain truth is that religion must live for man to live fully. Lacking a spiritual awareness to balance himself, a person is shrunk to an unbalanced materialist. It takes spiritual awareness of the dual nature of life to live a balanced life. No spiritual awareness means an unbalanced, skewed, warped and materialistic life. Believe me, I grow tired, as I am sure you do also, of the number of non-spiritual, materialistic and unbalanced grotesques in character rolled out by this largely low grace, decadent, values disaster that is our society and nation.

Every person is endowed by nature with a tendency to believe that is given by the grace of God the Creator. If a person does not spend his capacity to believe wisely in a traditional religion, which includes an ethical demand for better morals and higher values, then his capacity for belief is more likely to be spent foolishly, but it will be spent on something.

Having no belief leaves your capacity for belief more likely to be spent foolishly on cults, silly theories, and to become dupes of a false idealism and too much liberalism. Sheep shorn of faith grow cold, and they seek a substitute, but the substitutes they pick may (and often do) ruin them.

If you have enough of the grace in common sense to believe in God, then you are less likely to believe in things like haunted houses, luck and not providence, falling into cults like the “Moonies” and jumping over a Freudian moon. The list could go on. So as you are going to spend your ability to believe on something, make sure you choose something good to spend it on, instead of nothings. Believe in a God asking you for higher values, harmony and good priorities. Believe in a God who will better you by His ethics. Non-belief in God will only free you to do worse.

There are also many choosing to believe, not in ridiculous abstract theories, but in very old fashioned and conventional idols: sex, drugs, materialism, technology and morally unrestrained science to carry the world on to higher forms of disaster. These latter examples can make of your emphasis in life a satire, a mean effort, a moral disaster, and a laughing stock

The Old Testament prophets knew how to draw the line between choosing the right spiritual reality and light minded superficiality in living. They spelled this out in much reasoning and many “spiritual controversies” as in Amos 6:2. And this I do with you, taking up the controversy about belief which the Lord has with this land.

I maintain that man is made for worship. God is inside of people and He will come out regardless, because the need for God is a proved and necessary part of the rhythm of a normal life. Gamaliel, the former teacher of Paul, warned: if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it, but if it were of man only, you might overthrow it. Now the need for God has not been stopped nor will it now. It will continue.

Religion has proved God is needed by mankind from the beginning of man’s existence. And Psalms 14:1 comments that the fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Only that is a sour grapes. observation. (God is a good God, and what man needs He places there, and He would not place inside man a reliance on a truth that was not true. That would be mean.)

Since mankind is going to have a God, as history has established, then the question for sensible people is: not if there is a God, but what type of God are we going to have? And among the diversity of religious revelations and groups, those smart choose wisely unless they feel God has chosen them first.

Since you are going to believe, I suggest you get a better quality of life by allying yourself with a traditional God who has moral claims, good priorities and higher values. That way you will not be as likely to fall into the lunatic fringe of religion or a senseless denial of the place of religion in life. Let us deal wisely with the reality of things

I suggest mankind to be whole, complete and balanced needs to add a spiritual awareness to his material being to make his living whole and balanced. Then a whole and balanced life is expressed by a spiritually balanced faith that does not deny the material but orders it, dignifies it, and deepens it


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.