No Time For Creeds

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The different religions of the world need to work together to demonstrate that spirituality is a blessing to a troubled world. If they fail to get together for the common purpose of world betterment and, in this day and age, to further world survival, then religion may prove a curse to the world. May this not happen.

The world is not helped by warring creedal institutions being ugly to each other. There is no reason to try to eliminate the different religions of the world. All of them now seem to be jockeying with each other. All the religions need to lay aside self-concern or self-aggrandizement to help the world.

The world is in danger of being blown up by sinful people with a very low level of spirituality who are inclined to take petty arguments too seriously. What argument can be so serious as to blow the world up over it? None of course.

The great religions if united in spirit, certainly not in creed, ought to be a help in raising the spiritual consciousness of many to the threat and possibility of world destruction. This needs to be done. People are going along as if we were still in the old days when a few might kill and a few be killed but the rest of the world survive. This is no more the case. We may all be killed together.

I am not for religious organizational unity or saying creeds are equal or revelations are equal. I donít believe that for an instant. But is it important when the world is at stake? I think not. The important thing is that different religions work together to save the earth.

To get religions together in the spirit of love that is really needed is to get religions to face the fact that all major religions are variations on a theme of Suffering Love. Suffering love is in every religion. Therefore we may unite in love even if our creeds and revelations are very different. We must magnify what religions hold in common which is love. If religions stay focused on that, they may be able to work together for the spiritual betterment of the world.

Whose religion is best? I think mine and everybody thinks theirs. But that is not the issue. The issue is the future of the world and the vindication of a spiritual outlook everywhere. A united spiritual awareness may help the worldís present, sour and bitter outlook. I hope so.

To get religions to work together, the religions have to stay focused on the work to be done, not digress and get hung up on whose creed is right.

Of course there are people interested only in their personal salvation. Such people are too selfishly interested in their own egotistical immortality. Thatís okay but religions have to think about more than that. Religions offer that, but there is more to religion than that. What about the survival of the world and the betterment of mankind? That should also be a focus of religion as well as personel immortality.

I suggest you do not have to agree with other religions to associate or work with them. But you should respect them. And grace is in any religion that believes in God. That is all you have to know to respect them.

I am trying to make you aware of how to work on a world project with others who are respectable. After all, no matter what religions, they are the children of God. Donít waste your time judging them. Serve the world first. Would you worry about who came to save you if you were in danger of drowning? The world is in danger of being exterminated by the graceless. Work with whoever presents themselves.

Today is no time for creed. We must put the world first. The raising of the spiritual level of things, I suggest, will help greatly. By working together all religions can show that spirituality is a boon to the world, not a blight on humanity that separates one from the other.

Do we have to ask where Christ would stand? He of course stands with the material salvation of the world as well as with the spiritual salvation of the world and all in it. I suggest the best in other religions will feel the same way as we do about about their God no matter in what distinctive revelations He appears to them.

Please donít be idiots and say that I have lost my faith in Christ and think all religions are equal. I do not. I am faithful to Christ, my God, but Christians are only a portion of the world. If we are to save the world in a literal way, then we must learn to work together with all religions to save it. I think the effort will stretch us as believers, enable us to grow in grace, and develop us as Christians.

As you know, I have always preached the Word. It was said at the funeral of the Great Scottish Reformer, Master John Knox, he never feared man nor flattered flesh. I have tried to do the same. Here then is the Word of God: Christ would want us to do this. Let all religions work side by side and together for betterment of mankind and the literal and spiritual saving of this world from dark forces.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.