Technology! Alleluia!

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Let us not run down technology because people have used it badly. Technology is a good tool for better and deeper spiritual living, if used properly. How it is used depends on whose hands it is in. It is true very often technology has not been used wisely, but man is not noted for using the gifts of God purely and wisely. This is a sad commentary on the nature of man.

But once invented, there is not much going back, so let us use technology as wisely as possible. Our human usage of technology will not be perfect, but we must make the effort as Christians to use it as wisely as we can. I present to you, not the Word of God on this, but suggestions for the Christian usage of technology in countries that are “values” disasters and hollow moral ruins.

Technology may offer us as Christians a way out of the really awful spotty public schools we are required by a satirical government to send our children to attend. (I have taught in them so I know whereof I speak.) Rotten and amoral schools are not just a product of the United States but many other countries that are also even more of a values disaster than our unfortunate situation.

As you know part of our comic legal system requires children to attend public schools. I see this as a bad law because going to some public schools is not only dangerous but demoralizing. It is something like a required daily bath in a environmental cesspool. This is not everywhere and always but in many places and often.

As you know in California (as well as other socially “progressive” states) children are taking marijuana as early as fifth grade. Don’t you want to send your kids to a school where many are known to be on dope of some sort as early as elementary school? There is in them peer pressure to have bad morals. The children are de-sensitized by their surroundings, peer groups, and often “gangs” to morally regular living.

In Georgia, U.S.A., (as I have seen myself) crack and “meth” are sold in many high schools and at the gates of the high schools. When one dope peddler happens to be arrested, another drug dealer takes up the arrested one’s position in less than twenty minutes. (I have timed this.) This is not just in Atlanta.

Why don’t you tell me there ought to be a law? Well, there is a law.    But can the country that let in twenty million emigrants illegally really talk about law enforcement? Don’t make me laugh. American law is what is passed de jure (on paper) not what is followed de facto or in reality. Also the public schools are centers of much too liberal propaganda where children are brain washed in lots of too liberal nonsense (moral relativism) while undergoing the initiation of rotten schooling.

But there is a glimmer of hope. In Georgia this year several thousand students are going to school over the internet! Do you realize what this can mean? You don’t have to send children to underage reservations to experience negative peer group pressure everyday.

Internet schooling can offer a wonderful opportunity for church, organizations, and home schooling with its curriculum and some classes on the inter-net while being followed up in decent Christian surroundings where values and moral are taught. Conceive what this can mean! Alleluia, technology.

Now, you say, and I agree the dominating too liberal class that controls the bureaucracies, courts, departments, universities, school systems and governments of America will try not to let this internet schooling widely come to pass. It would put many bureaucratic propagandizers, employers, and administrators out of a job. (If this happens, let us sing together the hymn, “Now Thank We All Our God.)”

But we must be very Pauline and shrewd about this. We must put man’s sins to work. In this case the real power in the states in our decadent semi- Byzantine society is held by politicians who, I suggest, may snap to our bait. The bait is that an enormous amount of money can be saved for the state by internet schooling done by church organizations. That gives the politicians more money to spend elsewhere. Thereby, possibly, property taxes might be reduced. Those high property taxes that are paying to “dumb” down the majority of students and keep them “dumb.”

But do not think a new type of wider and better schooling is going to happen without a political fight. The churches, for example, can hire a few properly trained professionals to follow up from the internet lessons. A child may then go to school in a properly controlled, well-disciplined, moral, pro-spiritual and non-liberal propagandistic environment in an approved church, organization or private homes. (You may say that I want to abolish public education. No, not at all. If anyone wants it,        go to it. But I want to get our good kids out of it.)

Remember, please, every certified public school teacher has been subjected to (what I know and consider) usually worthless formal “Education” courses that are (I found when teaching) usually pure nonsense. (The first time I took the state teacher “education” test I failed, because I put what I knew to be true as the answers. I was failed of course, so the second time I took it I gave them pure too liberal non-thinking semi-intellectual and highly sentimental garbage as answers. Then I passed of of course. (I did this intentionally to prove to myself what I thought all along was true. It was and I share that news with you here: it’s conventional garbage and liberal non-common sense theory.)

The “internet schooling” in churches and houses promises to be a great boon to Christianity. It will be better for the children academically, psychologically, and socially.

President Obama sends his children to the “Friends’ Quaker” Sidwell School in Washington, D.C. for which he pays around $30,000 for each child to get them good schooling in a religious VALUES environment. You, as ordinary Christians and middle class people, can’t afford this. But a way to achieve this for yourself is internet schooling directed and guided in a Christian church or environment.

However, do not expect this progress in internet education and schooling to be easy. Remember the legal system that this decadent country has. The “Economist” magazine of January 17-23, 2009 in an article “Lexington: Law v. common sense,” took up this case (read it for yourself). A judge sued his cleaners for 54 million dollars for losing his pants. The case was dismissed after two years, but the people who owned the cleaners had to spend $100,000 in legal costs. They closed the cleaners.

This is also the country of “Roe vs. Wade,” where the legalized murder of unborn children for any reason HAS BEEN APPROVED by the court. (The Spartans murdered children because they were defective. But decadent and amoral America lets unborn children be murdered because they are inconvenient.)

Also remember that recently the “Ten Commandments” were ordered taken off the Court House wall in an Alabama ruling. In such a decadent, Byzantine society as we now have, do not expect anything Christian or even decent to be done easily in courts like these. It will take time and a long fight, but we must as Christians do this for the kids.

So get ready for a fight over widespread “internet schooling” that eliminates the children having to report to a “gang” school for a wayward education. This would be “common sense” in any but an excessive environment out of touch with reality and common sense. This is what we have.

However, I suggest the technology of wide spread “internet” schooling in churches, charitable organizations and homes will one day have to be introduced because of costs, not because it is the honorable or decent thing to do.

God’s People should never expect an easy time of it. I am confident what I have in mind here will be accomplished eventually. And in the struggle for it, never be violent, never be ugly, never be rude. If defeated temporarily, as you will be, I fear, do not be shattered. Regroup, rethink and come out voting.

A combination of voters gained and money saved is something most politicians will rarely be able to resist. The politicians probably will not do what we ask for the reason we ask: that the cause of Christ Jesus be glorified, but what the politicians may do for evil reasons can be used for good. (Genesis 50:20)

The sails of grace are often pushed ahead by evil winds.                     So “in everything, give thanks.” (Ephesians 5:18) God rules with irony   in using the unjust to support the just at times. Give God the glory.    And allow Him to use you in an endeavor to get our good kids out of  bad schools and onto the internet. They will meet through churches, organizations and families where the children can be in a good environment, safe, reasonable, disciplined and taught Christian values.

I am not against abolishing the public schools. Let them rot on. I am just for letting those who wish to get out of them get out of them. In the old days the children had to go to the schools but now the schools can come to them. Mohammed does not have to go to the mountain. Now through technology the mountain will come to Mohammed. These advances in technology are great things to see.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.