The Need For Universal Principles Of Morality:

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What the too liberal are trying to convince us of today is: morality belongs only to religion, and everyone should not be subject to the morality of any one religion. I agree, but that does not mean we should do without morality and morals. The need for morality is a universal need to be met by universal moral principles gleaned from natural laws common to all mankind.

Morality is a universal need beyond religion. Morality is a world need. Morality from natural law belongs to the world. So the real question is not what is Christian law, but what is natural law, and Christianity includes a great many commonly accepted universal principles that govern all communities.

It is evident that the too liberal do not want any morality. They are attacking Christian morality to escape from any morality. This may not be the legal case on paper, (de jure) but it is the case in reality (de facto.) Morality is generally laughed at and patronized today by the intellectually fashionable who run the courts and who also seem to be the morally reprehensible . Everyone knows this. It is the smugness of the times that smiles and does not say but feels there is no morality.    All is relative.

But our moral views tend to address an unchanging human nature to be judged by eternal values, and by our universal principles in every religion and even outside of religion. The existence of these laws grant the communities moral rights to act.

I am a Christian of course but I am a Christian person of universal values. I am not so Christian and provincial as to not be cognizant of universal values and the existence of some grace in all religions.       And one of those universal values is morality, personal and social. For example, do we want children debauched anywhere? No, I think there are many universal values anybody morally sane can recognize.

This is my point: the land has fallen into the moral insanity of total relativism and a great desire to expunge morality by any means. Their rationality is: because there are moral laws, they think it must be the Christians, so they raise their right to amorality above a communities right to morality. Then they feel they must erase the consciousness of God. If they feel they can erase the consciousness of God, then they feel they can erase all religions. In erasing religions, they seem to believe they are erasing morality or reducing morality to relativism. Then they can enjoy moral mayhem based on individual rights.

I suggest this is not so. The natural law that is in the world everywhere in some form endows communities of mankind everywhere with a right to a moral society. In the name of universal world principles and natural law, we have a right to have a more moral society than we now have.

The too liberal talk individual rights, but I argue natural law gives us community and group rights to a more moral society. The too liberal argue for bizarre individual rights to justify a society of moral mayhem but we, as Christians, argue for the natural rights of the community that we may have a decent place to rear our children!

As you know, our community right to have a decent place to rear the children is not being recognized. I suggest the land is completely unbalanced in that it has come down too hard on the side of individual rights and not on the side of community rights.

There is a world right given us by natural law and universal principles to have a community in which our children can be reared in a morally healthy place. We do not have this now. If you would see it, look around you. Dope pushers stand at the gates of nearly every urban high school. Do they not stand like soldiers? One taken away is replaced the day after by another. The original one is out of jail, in a few hours. I have seen this. I know it. Do you dare deny it?

Television spews out obscenity and violence twenty fours hours a day, seven days a week. It desensitizes the children to violence, murder and a sexual commitment with love and dignity. I counted seven murders, three perversions, two rapes and ten assaults in watching the same channel part time in one day. Can a people whose time is always spent watching violence be non-violent? Non-violence is the strategy of Christ. Face it. We are desensitizing the country to the values of Christianity. This delights the overly liberal.

Is the present state of things what most Americans desire? I think not. But most feel the situation is out of control. The answer is not in the election of some new political Messiah. It goes far deeper than that. Morality needs to be recaptured. A change of attitude is badly needed. Re-orientation is wanted. Where there is no trust, the society perishes. Trust, if not gone, is ebbing. It seems as dead as decency.

The redemption of the way things are lies deep in those who recognize the limitations of politicians. I suggest for your analysis: Could any man or political party solve the problems we now have in this morally confused values warp that is our society. Need a minister of the Word of God say more?


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.