The Sickness Of The Will

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Modern man has a sickness of the Will, a disease of the will that results in a moral paralysis. This disease is of the will of nations, individuals and the world I suggest a healthy will is supported and buttressed by belief in God and participation in sound and very good traditions.

The need of man for God has strengthened the wills of mankind nearly forever. However, the intentions of the too liberal shallow but everywhere ruling elite that we now have are to do away with belief in God. Their campaign against any form of spiritual awareness. This I think you have seen without my telling you.

The existence of God is not proven nor is it disproven. God is presently a matter of supposition. If you accept the supposition there is a God and practice faith, you will get spiritual values that guide and fulfill the basic nature of man. If you do not decide for belief in God, then you are left alone, miserable and your basic nature is frustrated.

Also if you say there is no God, how are we going to handle the powerful and ambivalent technology around us today? The world can be obliterated. Millions can be killed. Countless lives may be ruined.  We need spiritual guidance to see the possible blessings of modern technology are used wisely.

As for me, I have had a wonderful awareness of God. Many others from the Apostle, Paul, to Mother Teresa and Albert Schweitzer also have had this awareness of God’s being. History is rich with these experiences that give a first hand knowledge of God.

But there are many who have not felt or known such personal communication that is usually non-verbal. (God is not held back by words.) Those unaware of God from prior experience must decide if there is a God. Not deciding is a negative decision. And I suggest there is only one possible decision for those with wisdom. God. Humanity needs spiritual values.

In the past religious organizations talking of God have unfortunately fallen into non-transcendent and bitter fighting over the nature of creeds and revelations. But you should avoid any religious organization that does not see God as love and practices that. Then there is an awareness of God that is bigger than any organization. I urge you to involve yourself with ecclesiastical religion only if it is a practicing spiritual religion of non-violence and affectionate concern for all humanity. “ By their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:16)

God should be viewed as Love and Grace and advocating a spiritually balanced life of benevolence towards mankind. If you are going to choose for God, then you should choose the right type of God.

I say that if you choose a God of grace, and you have faith in Him through grace, that in co-piloting with God, you will learn that He is very real. Your faith will be satisfying. It will enrich your life. The experience of the righteous has been that doing with God demonstrates there is a God. You may then perceive certain patterns of redemptive grace and cut your life to that pattern.

If you choose God, you can be fulfilled by spiritual values. I do not say you will be. There is no guarantee. But you can be, as the lives of many spiritual people have shown.

If you do not choose God, then you condemn yourself to a sadder and defective life. You will be repressing your nature in that you have a natural need for belief. You may be constantly made miserable by an itch for God. My advice is not to repress your nature but fulfill your nature in a socially constructive manner. To repress your nature can be a terrible mistake, as I’m sure you can look around you and see.

The other buttress of a healthy will that has been shattered by the too liberal is the attempt to cut off any tradition because it is old. This attitude is beneath a thinker. It is not whether something is old or new but if it fits the need. Only if the shoe fits, do you wear it. I find older shoes more comfortable than pinching new shoes. Only time can tell if a graceful fit is there.

For example, we have everywhere a tradition of minimizing murder. This is done through law which is set on precedents that worked. But as you know the law has morally wasted away and been perverted. But Jesus had the Pharisees and Sadducees, and we have the liberals. We can go on as He did. Christianity will leave the too liberal to the dust of time. Spiritual thinkers last longer than the half baked visionaries of materialism.

If we abolished the tradition of “no murder,” though it is old, where would we be? Most certainly worse than we are now.

People ask me why I am a conservative trying to stand by the good, not the bad, in the old traditions. The answer is that conservatism seems to me to be common sense. The child that takes twenty years to raise can be killed by a bullet in a few seconds. The tree that has taken five hundred years to grow is often cut down in a few minutes. Decisions should not be made lightly or quickly but wisely and slowly and considering spiritual values.

There are bad things in traditions. Not to change graciously is as bad as changing too hastily. But the too liberal, intoxicated by idealism and drunk on reason undistilled by reality, are not healthy thinkers. You may see this as you look around at the circumstances things are in.

The too liberal regard my speaking about “the Will” as an unscientific term. Before the Lord, I hope it is. We all know, as Brutus said, that the too liberal are honest men of good intentions. They did not intend to kill the Will, the Caesar within that we call soul, but they have. I am sorry for their shallowness of thought in doing so.

If you do not believe the will of mankind is sick, look around all over the world at the situations we are in, morally, value-wise, spiritually and peacefully. I could name things wrong as I have done, but why should I? You probably knew them first.

People in America and all over the world are ill with a grave sickness of the will, a diseased spirit and an unacknowledged soul. The peoples are doped out on narcotics and materialism. Materialism is an addictive narcotic. They believe not in God, thus they have no grace to share. Selfish, amoral, degenerate, brutal, insensate, violent, not having mastered their souls.

I suggest that we buttress our wills with belief in God. We reaffirm the best in our traditions such as patriotism and and goodness and virtue. (For these are traditions with us.) With healthy wills reinvigorated by belief in God, and community affirmations of the good in traditions, we may help to reinvigorate our nation and our world. Of course we can not do this on our own. The grace of God precedes us. But believing in God, we can because we think it is God’s will. And to make things better is His Will.

Of course we cannot ever make things perfect this side of heaven, because people have a dark side as well as a better side that we must appeal to. But in appealing to good people to join with God to make things better, we shall not achieve perfection, but we will improve things.

These things I speak and exhort, and rebuke with authority. (Titus 2:15) Consider them well. Strengthen your wills through joy from belief in God. Attach yourself to good traditions. Grace be with you all.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.