Thy Will Be Done

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The Lordís Prayer petitions God, ďThy will be done,Ē (Matthew 6:10)  We see around us a world where mankindís will is generally done. What happens to us is often NOT Godís will. Had Godís will been more considered, things would be much better than they are.

The world is a mixture and a melding of Godís intentions with manís dimensions and the confusion thereof. Godís intentions are not fully caned out while manís selfishness and excessiveness muddy the water. God is a Spirit who works through people but most people have their own ideas of how to do things.

Things in such a world cannot be expected to be perfect. Do we realize that in order for Godís will to be done, each of us has to try to make it so? Given the variables involved in mankind, we may make things better, but there is no hope of perfection short of Heaven.

But in struggling and trying to do Godís Will, we become more rooted and grounded in God and grace. This is good since people need to stand for ideas, concepts, values that are bigger than they as finite individuals are. Yet this is not an easy thing to do.

In every life there is what God would have us be and do, and what we decide to be and do. What to do is not an easy individual choice because our lot is cast in with others. Often we are but waves in the sea. Can a wave deny the sea? Can an individual deny that society he is tossed in?

In the spiritual endeavor that is the Will of God, it is not easy to know what is the will of God, then what we are to do or be on our own, and then what can be done in the society in which we are tossed about like a wave of the sea. We are involved in variables. Often these change.

Do not be so foolish in this world to expect either easy times or         non-confusing situations. No one walks in the same river twice. The water flows and changes. The variables we deal with change. Grace does not. The world is a passing illusion. Time changes things. The tides of custom change. Technology changes. The world is like a kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope changes and rearranges. Yet where the world has gravity, we have grace. Where the world moves on an axis, we have the stabilizing force of God.

Do not say as in Hosea, ďthe spiritual man is mad.Ē (Hosea 9:7)     Those who are in Christ know better. They are ďreceiving a kingdom that cannot be movedĒ (Hebrews 12:28 ) Behind what we see changing is The Eternal. Behind the shaken is the unshaken, unchanging. If in God, you have this knowledge. But without God, you may know a lot and it may be interesting, but you will not know ultimate spiritual truths.

Our changing world of illusions was made glorious by God for us to appreciate, yet mankind has chosen to ruin it. What was given to us to be appreciated has been degraded.

The Will of God is balanced: righteous and spiritual living with a caring concern for others and an appreciation of the beauty and grandeur of creation. But this is not being done. Selfishness, unbalanced living, excessiveness and lack of harmony fill the world with spiritual degradation as well as materialistic pollution. If you do not believe this, look around you. He who has ears to hear and eyes to see, let him do so. (Matthew 11: 15) To see and hear and understand is grace. You must make some response to grace when it is given you.

Let us consider how to implement what we pray for in the Lordís Prayer: Thy Will Be Done. Do we really want this if it means we have to change or consider things in a different and spiritual way? Consider that! Some donít.

If we wish Godís will to be done, then we must consider how we are to try to implement it. First pray. Second, think. You are saved by what is in your heart, but what is in your heart may be greatly facilitated by using your mind. I suggest this may come as Gospel News to some too staid and overly conventional Christians.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.