To Protect The Sheep

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There is a Natural Law at the foundation of all religions. In our theology this Natural Law was given to mankind by God the Creator when the creation was formed. It is the lower foundation of the pyramids of all religions. The lower part of the pyramid is shared by most religions in some form or another. At the top of this foundation of Natural Law each religion has placed a sacred revelation. (Now I do not argue here which special revelation placed on the foundation of Natural Law is correct. I believe my own religion to be best but each person does that.) BUT I ARGUE FOR THE COMMONALITY OF MORALITY THAT ALL RELIGIONS AND ALL PEOPLE SHARE.

The rights of man, for example, were a discovery of Natural Laws that apply to all peoples. The rights of man apply all over the world regardless of color, creed, faith and background. They represent a discovery and development of a Natural Law given by God through “common grace” to all the world by God the Creator. It is with Natural Law given by God in common grace that I deal. It is a part but only a part of the message of faith. But it is a part vital to a spiritually balanced view of faith and spiritually balanced living.

Why is this concept of Natural Law so important now? Because we need an awareness of Natural Law that applies to all peoples and to all faiths since the too liberal are arguing that Christianity is the motive and the power behind morality. They do not want morality, but the reign of their odd conceptions of reason, like the Temples to Reason in place of the churches as in the time of the French Revolution. In other words they desire a social Revolution that denies the existence of God, most of the established morality of mankind and the very need for a morality in mankind.

They prefer a view that does not limit the rights of people to excessive individuality at the expense of the community, encourages the reign of obscenity, the erasure of references to God (the author of their rights if the founding documents of the nation be believed), the mass brutalization of character in the schools and the desensitization of people to violence through constantly being exposed to it by the sick, too liberal and solely profit oriented media. Do I lie? I call the Christ in you as my witness. Is it true? Have you not seen it?

I would call your attention to the fact television is desensitizing people through constant violence while the forces of violence and the possible mass destruction of the world by violence loom greater than ever. If you doubt what I say on these issues, look around you. I have named only a few. The society is decadent. Its values are warped and lacking. Look around you. This is not just a Christian view. This is found in all religions. Furthermore it is a part of Natural Law.

When the too liberal court in Alabama ordered the Ten Commandments taken down from its walls, on the theory someone might accidentally read them and obey them, it was an unwise judgment. Had the court been wiser, instead of prejudiced against truth by the too liberal, it should have written the equivalent of the Commandments in every religion, in many languages, next to these originally Jewish Commandments. And let the words written above them show they are Natural Law. Above the nearly same Commandments in all faiths and cultures should be written: “We hold these truths to be self-evident.”

Will you see the elimination of God from the public mind occur in your lifetime? That means God the Creator mentioned in the documents of the founders not be mentioned, hidden and erased. Will a dominant liberal elite totally alien to the mind of America which in fact, seems ashamed of it and our traditions, be allowed to censure the majority about the mention of God. Yet the Commandments are down from the Courthouse walls. No real opposition except by a judge highly to be praised. What should we remember about the too liberal who took the tablets of Moses down and are trying to erase God from the public mind and heart? Let us remember them as Brutus said of those who killed Caesar, “they are honorable men.” I would not have you believe otherwise.

Natural Law does not have to be coded. When it is verbalized, it is recognized. That is recognized by the common majority of mankind. Yet it may take time to be realized. If so, what of it? God has time. Such is a use of preaching: to verbalize in order for those in grace to recognize truths. May those who have ears to hear, hear. (Mark 8:18)

To me this is plain: It is obvious, clear and evidentiary that contentment, harmony and peaceful attitudes cannot be maintained where the morality of natural law is overlooked, natural liberties of expression denied, and the better traditional moral customs almost universally accepted by the people are laid aside, flouted and annulled.

My appeal is not to the national or state courts, a corrupt government of compromise as well as a fiscally irresponsible one, the bureaucratic unelected appointees of the various departments that rule over the details of our lives. These have all violated the will of the masses of people, have compromised and therefore misrepresented the good of the people, turned the nation towards moral nothingness, and tried to erase a sense of reverence for God the Creator from the public consciousness. I would not ask them to do anything. They have already tainted nearly everything. But I am told they are honorable men. If so, enjoy the irony. And if this be treason, thank the Lord.

The minister or priest may point out what to look for; grace or the lack of it reveals what you see; and your conscience decides what you do. The duty of the church is to make you aware, but not to tell you what to do. The church may suggest but it cannot decide for you. The church should not specificate on public policy. But the overweening smugness of the nation about itself is a stench in the nostrils of the Lord.

If you decide to try to reform things, before you reform your leaders, first reform yourself, and help others to change spiritually, because you elect them and they will be representatives of you and maybe others, because usually the leaders are reflections of the people. Has this not been a problem: decadent leaders of a decadent society, the morally blind leading the morally blind?’

Remember as you survey the national moral and values disaster, what your conscience dictates must be tested by scripture. That means    non-violent. Violence is not a strategy of Christ. Outrage is no answer but makes things confused and worse. That means patient, harmonious, trying to be decent, intelligent, no money-madness, no meanness and no attitude in disagreement of “Well, screw you!”

In our moral struggle, the too liberal would try to define it as a narrow denominational Christian minority trying to dominate a pluralistic land. No, in the first place the liberals in the elitist minority are tyrannizing against religions in small and big ways. Those believing in morality, belief in God, good values, and other things of universal goodness are not backing mere Christianity but Christianity as a part of Natural Laws that speak of universal principles and universal belief. Natural Laws are not to be judged by the elitists that are too liberal, overly intellectual and removed from the life of the people. Natural Laws testify to universal principles and beliefs that put belief in God, morality and good universal values as necessities of life necessary for maintaining a healthy life for the community and those in it. These laws may not be coded but they can be universally recognized.

Natural law is not necessarily coded. It is not to be judged by elitist intellectuals sick of mankind, but by the people, the good people, who are the backbone and majority of the people, their countries and the world.

It was an unfortunate day in American thought when the word “fair” was traded for “equal.” The founding fathers said people were equal in that they had certain rights. They left the rest unsaid. They did not say all people were equal or they were supposed to be equal, because that is ridiculous. Am I physically the equal of a young boxer? No, of course not. The boxer and I are not equal nor are we supposed to be. He and I are not equal in anything but our rights, but according to circumstances we are made equal or unequal.

Equality is impossible. Circumstances differ too much. But the mass conception seems to be equality in all things is good. If it is, it is an impossible goal that must end in uniformity of thought and living, which is not just morally questionable but boring. There is a startling uniformity of degraded living and a polluted uniformity of thought that is pushed in the name of “equality” in the country at this time.

Should we in the churches be preaching the popular mass corruption of the word, “equality,” which is a goal impossible to obtain and only to be achieved by compulsive social uniformity? No, so I think fairness for the people should be argued for instead of some vague mass equality, since we might reasonably hope to achieve fairness but never equality. Equality should be laid to rest. Fairness should be the ideal to achieve.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.