To See Through Angel Eyes

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There are those not in grace who say they do not see signs of God’s workings. I am aware of the workings of his grace everyday. One sign that grace blooms in the world garden is its blooms may be noticed in a proliferation of pleasing ironies. These pleasing positive ironies give us a peep on grace at work. They show the hidden hand of grace, not perfect, but active.

The Apostle says: God hath chosen weak things to confound the mighty. (I Corinthians 1: 27) He has also chosen the foolish or simple things to confound the wise. In such things grace is in action in this world.

Our religion has been a demonstration of irony. It has pleased God to make a humble carpenter, Jesus, the Lord. Out of His weakness, His crucifixion, came God’s strength, His resurrection. In the Kingdom of God we as humans are only flesh, but the flesh is made whole by the Spirit. In the Kingdom of God we humans are only flesh, but the brutality of our flesh is raised and made humane by knowledge of God, and a relationship with Him

Christianity was spread by ignorant and unlearned men, like the Apostles, Peter and John. They were unlearned but they knew Christ. Therefore their learning was beyond and above what the schooling of the world could offer. That is irony: the unlearned taught the well schooled the higher lesson of God. That formal schooling could not reach. This was an irony that the Apostle spoke of when he said how the weak shall confound the mighty by being raised in power.                (I Corinthians 15:43)

In the movements of history, we may see irony. Whereas the people in older days were ruled by demagogues and kings, now the people are influencing things more towards democracy and and governments that cherish everyone.

Once the people of the world were felt to be low. How grace in time has pulled down the mighty lords who scorned the rabble. Now the rulers must consider the people more. The dignity of the people has been raised. The welfare of the people is improved. Is this not irony? That people now vote for their governments where kings who held them in contempt once ruled?

Has God not pulled down the mighty from their seats and the rich and powerful He hath sent empty away? This is grace. The grace we see is not perfect, but it active enough for us to be able to differentiate between grace and no-grace or a very small grace.

It is a true thing that the American capitalists who brought the emigrant poor of Europe to work in their factories did not do it with a vision of offering hope. Now the Statue of Liberty commemorates that social movement. Is this not irony? Is this not grace?

You may argue grace does not go on in ordinary life aiding life. What nonsense. Grace is everywhere! It always works towards good. You will see the ironies that testify of it in the life of persons individually and the history of the masses of people. Sometimes they intertwine. Was not Lincoln, a rail splitter reared in poverty, the greatest President of the United States. Was not this irony? Was this not grace? What’s more, was this not timely grace? Blessed are those receiving timely graces.

Grace has a theological definition under which it moves in ecclesiastical atmospheres: “special” grace. It deals in personal salvation. But there is also “common” grace concerning God’s working in this world. All grace centers around God’s unmerited favor towards mankind in this world and in the Creation. God works in mysterious ways, both by special grace and common, to formulate His ends.

God asks that you do not frustrate grace (Galatians 2:21), but let that grace you have work though you. Listen for a call to be used. Everyone is needed to fully reflect the grace of God, however imperfectly it is reflected by sinners.

From little seeds by genetic predestination grow larger plants and fruit trees. Is this not irony and is this not grace? Likewise some, but not all things, are spiritually predestinated. When things are predestined, we must surf the waves, not battle them in vain. (Acts 5:39)

It is also true that by irony the grace of God has been buried in nature so that it has a predisposition towards life. It has a natural grace that works, heals and continues recycling. In nature there is found natural rhythms showing grace, Do not wounds tend to heal?

If you look, grace is everywhere. True it is in different measures but it is active however imperfect. Ephesians 4: 7 says “everyone of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.” Grace is to be seen but in different measurements.

Remember it takes grace to see grace. Those who had no ears to hear that Jesus spoke of (Mark 8:18) also had no eyes to see. Our eyes are opened by Christ. By His light, we see the light of what really is: the spiritually working Kingdom.

Be not dismayed by the numbers who do not see grace. It is up to God to decide who sees what. Though you should pray for the spiritually blind and all who are spiritually deaf and living in spiritual darkness.

Do not argue about grace. If they don’t see it, they don’t see it. Do not judge the time. Those not seeing now may see later. In time through grace things often come together. But all that is necessary for you is to be true to the grace you have been given and seen. Follow your grace. Let others follow theirs.

When you see grace, you should thank God, because He has allowed you to borrow the eyes of angels who see grace working every day. They have also seen the glacial movement of grace through time.

The world is in a bad way. I would not lie to you. The Apostle says in Romans 8:22 “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together.” There is a spiritual struggle going on to redeem the world, but materialists do not know it. They spend their lives fighting and arguing with each other. Not being spiritually aware, many are on the level of apes fighting or hogs rooting and plundering.

But I would not have you believe that grace is not active, or that people, not all but more and more, are not spiritually and silently growing in grace.

Do not be discouraged. Above the diseased minds, materialistic fever and awful values of so many and too many in this world, look down with the eyes of the angels to see how God’s grace is active everywhere if in different measurements.

Yet it is true that there is so much wickedness in the public eye it is difficult to believe grace is active. But grace is active while evil is a short cut thing. In the long run God is enduring, wise and understanding. One day there shall come the Triumph of His Grace: the spiritual maturity and adulthood of mankind will be greatly furthered. Hear; for I have spoken of excellent things. (Proverbs 8:6)


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.