A Touch Of Madness

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Effete people whose idea of nature is a walk in the park,
Have a similar idea that reason is Godly,
As their idea of God is He must be reasonable,
Which is on the level of seeing nature as a walk in the park.
An ordered park is not a fair representative of nature.
As human reason is not a fair representative of God,
Both visions are too tamed, over-refined and small,
As a park is part of nature, but nature is more,
And reason is from God, but God has more.

So do not equate God with reason,
Or say God must be reasonable and understandable.
God must not be limited to that. It is too tame.
Dull religions are often justified by boring reasons,
But God being paradoxical can be totally illogical.
God will not be imprisoned by our ability to sort things out.
Yet reason is how people who commune with God in city parks,
Like to think of Him as they watch pigeons from a bench,
And if God is associated with unreason, out goes God.
Lucky God! Who wants to be associated and embarrassed
By that kind of half baked support.

God will always be less than reasonable,
Because God is Love,
And love has a touch of madness in it.
When Jesus said, ďLove thy neighbor,Ē
You knew right there He was unreasonable and impossible,
And He had a touch of loveís madness to Him.
After all, love makes people irrational.
In love the values are not based on reason.
The eminently reasonable allow themselves to be loved,
Practical enough to profit by the mad resolve of others.

The world does not need a reasonable God,
People are selfish enough to be reasonable on their own,
Selfishness comes naturally to human beings,
But they are not always mad enough to go beyond self-interest,
To reach out to others: the ones who need the help:
The poor, the mentally slow, the shy, selfish and proud.
People are locked away, each in his cell of self,
Weaving reasonís web like spiders on some selfish dream.

The very definition of Grace is unreasonable,
Giving undeserved gifts to those who do not merit them,
The vision founded on a touch of Godís Heavenly Madness.
The world needs the divine madness of Christ.
God is not found at His highest in being reasonable,
Fortunately God is rarely reasonable.
He loves beyond reason,
He came to teach us to go beyond mere reason,
To suffer for each other,
His very dying was a touch of irrational madness.
We are called by grace to show and spread unreasoning love.
Making witness on earth to show His divine madness,
His unreasoning love for human beings,
His enjoyment of us,
In spite of our often leprous human natures.
We are called to testify to Christ,
To spread His gospel of the possibility of our attainment,
Of Divine Madness and Heavenly Redemptive Joy by grace,
Through His Example On The Cross,
A death a reasonable man would not have undergone,
But He loved us,
And love has madness in it.
And that is why we go to Christ,
Not to find reason, reasoning or reasonableness,
But to enjoy Godís love for us,
That has such madness in it.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.