Choose Better And Suffer Less

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The suffering of Christ for us draws us to Him. We realize
from the suffering of Christ for the ones He loves that we
may need to suffer for the ones we love also. Suffering
creates respect. But we also realize the suffering of God
has not ceased. Christ continues to suffer for us. He
suffers from our sins and errors. Therefore it is our
duty to cause Christ as little suffering as possible and
to think ahead in a spiritually desirable way.

We can figure out we ought to behave in a way that
will not cause suffering to Christ who loves us. In
the same way we learned not to cause suffering to
our earthly parents who loved us

It might be agreed upon by all, that if love our parents, we
try to make them proud and happy of us. We cause them the least
suffering we can, only in growing up sometimes this is
difficult to do. But we should try to consider their feelings
and give them the least pain we can. This is also true of
our relationship with God who is a spiritual parent and
loves us also.

But there is an ironic solecism here. When we make Christ
and others suffer for our sins, we tend not to suffer too
much, but when we have to suffer for our sins, and pain
is beating the door down, we get serious about this suffering.
The general rule is: your suffering is one thing, but my
suffering is another. It is this defect in our empathy
that gives us a twisted outlook. A little sickness of ours
upsets us far more than a plague in Brazil. If my finger
aches, I know it. If Brazil is wiped out, I don’t really
feel it. But Christ knows the pain of both.

So when we suffer, it is a big thing. When others suffer,
it is a little thing. God does not want anyone to suffer,
but there are times: our free will, the free will of others,
the way things are in a “fallen” world make us suffer.
The world of appearances we see and quantify runs on
nature‘s laws. But the world of another frequency we do
not see runs on spiritual laws. We may suffer when any laws
are broken by ourselves or others.

“Well,” you may say, “my cousin violates spiritual
laws and he is not suffering.” You may be outraged by
this. If you are outraged, goodness, how mean you are!
But know this. If he suffers, and eventually this will
happen, then you will suffer because you have sins too,
perhaps some you do not know. One is being a vengeful
person who wants to see others suffer. My adage is:
Those wanting to see suffering will suffer because wanting
to see suffering is almost as mean as causing suffering.

When your cousin finally suffers, you can lick your lips
and watch him suffer. But as you suffer or enjoy hearing
about his suffering on television, you may be sure,
he will be asking for your due suffering to come,
so he can lick his lips and watch that.

What good does all this aching for revenge and more
suffering in others do? You may see what a despicable
side of humanity calls ‘‘justice,” only that is a POOR
justice. It is not Gods s justice. God is not mean. God
doesn’t hold grudges. God does not want anyone to suffer.
Nor does He want to suffer, but it seems to me sadistic
people want to make God suffer through killing or giving
pain to those we love or God loves.

Jesus advised us to pray in the Lord’s Prayer, “Forgive
us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” If we forgive
others, then they may forgive us. God who loves others
we love may forgive us. It is an attempt at establishing
harmony on earth, and your forgiveness may be only a
drop in the bucket of mercy, but little by little,
drop by drop, God’s will is done, His mercy comes.

The wrong way, the non-spiritual way, is evil deed for evil
deed, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and wanting to
see it. There is something savage in mankind that likes

The sensationalism of the media is good for keeping the rounds
of hatred turning. The Media screams “They did this.” It
implies: Ha! ha! Now what are you going to do? The subtle
suggestion is: Fight! (All this is on the level of maturity of
slow, mean children who have not been TAUGHT BETTER.) But it makes a profit for newspapers and sells television time. The media
we know “prostitutes” news for profit, and there is profit in
having news full of hate and gory sensation. So they have it. Some
people enjoy it. Better people are repulsed by it.
Wise people doubt it and check things out.

How wise was the Venerable Buddha! He advised that you
stop being caught on the wheel of Kharma. Get off the wheel.
How right was the Lord Jesus who advised: Cease the violence
and hate. No more “tit for tat” thinking, an eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth. Stop. Integrate love into the situation.
Pause for a period of enlightenment.

Listen to the Spiritual Ones: Does not an accumulation
of spiritual wisdom mean anything to you? The Spiritual
Leaders did not agree on everything, but because they
did not agree on everything, does not mean they did not
agree on anything. On some things the great spiritual
ones saw eye to eye. Suffering Love at the center of the
universe was one. Stop the round of violence was another.

Because an insight of the Venerable Buddha is wise, worth
quoting and supports the view of our Lord, Jesus,
does not mean Jesus is not the Lord. Nor is He in
anyway put down or is He denied as being the
Spiritual Path. Jesus is the spirit of living grace.
He is grace, truth and light, but wherever there is
truth, there is grace.

Where there is grace, we must respect it and grow spiritually
from any person touched with grace, regardless of
color, or religion, or race or anything else.
We should allow nothing to divide us from grace, as
nothing, not a thing, can separate us from the love of God
which is in Christ Jesus.

The question upon first meeting is not: Are you a Hindu?
Are you a Buddhist? Are you a Roman Catholic? Are you a
Baptist? No, the question is: Are you trying to be a
spiritual person? If you are trying to be spiritual
people, then you may disagree, and you should have
enough spiritual maturity to live alongside of
and put up with the differences. There will be
plenty of spiritual things in which you agree.
Magnify those. There may be spiritual things
on which you disagree. Minimize those.

If you can’t find common ground with each other,
don’t be angry or blow up. How will that help?
Will violence make the insignificant other who disagrees
with you understand you? I think not.

Rather it would be easier to hold a gun on an apple
tree and tell it to make the apples red quicker. No, the
time is not yet ripe. You must wait on others now,
as others waited on you. Do not argue. Why argue
when you can pray? Prayer accomplishes things. Arguments
usually just arouse passions best left slumbering.

Do not stop speaking to anyone. You have unique grace in you
the other person should not be cut off from. You will think
this if you are young, but you will know it if you are old.

Forgive any person who disagrees with you. It does not
matter if he has asked you to or not. Forgive before being
asked. It may be you have asked other persons to be other
than they are or to go where they have no light to see. You
should not curse the orange tree for not producing the
plums you might prefer. Respect what things and people are.
It’s not your affair to change them. When ready to change, things
change. They will come to you and ask you then for help,
and you should give it.

Do not try to change the perspective of people without any
respect for what they are. Do you know how silly you look trying
to bring a giraffe’s perspective down to earth? His high view
arises from his being. If a giraffe wanted to change his
perspective, he couldn’t. Were he smart, he wouldn’t.

First consider what you are, then you must,
consider what you ought to be. However, it should be
in line with what you are. The Greeks counseled first,
Know Thyself.

After you find out what you are, then you, perhaps,
can see what you want, and if the change you have in
mind is consistent with who you are. If it is consistent,
good. But don’t be as many folk are: tortoises dreaming
of being eagles and asking God to help them. It can’t
be done. They aren’t happy as tortoises. But they can’t
accomplish their dreams. So they’re going to be
miserable no matter what. The throne of God is besieged
by their prayers truly offered up in a suffering state
by miserable people. But who can help?

When you are determined to be illogical and miserable,
God, being God, cannot violate your free will to choose. As
God has given, God has given. He has written mankind
shall have some free will. So let me suggest many of you
think better and deeper than you have before that
your choices be wiser, and your suffering be
less. Be a better arbiter of your destiny.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.