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I have never seen such waste and wealth as in America,
The American efforts reminds me of the conquistadores,
The Spanish warriors who battled through the jungles,
To obtain the riches of Peru and Mexico,
Then melted golden art work into minted bars,
Shipping the wealth to Spain
Where the Spanish government wasted it,
On meaningless wars and intrigues,
Long since forgotten.
The wealth helped ruin the moral character of Spain,
Where it became fashionable,
For the nobility to look on work as dirt,
And the goal of life was seen,
As indolence, self—indulgence and a moral vacation.

Oh, what irony it is,
To receive a blessing,
When what the blessings have given us,
Examined well is more a curse,
When seen from a higher perspective.

A blessing is something that should draw people,
Nearer to God, not push Him further away.
Has the flood of money done this?
No, the poor have not been fairly served,
And when they are passively helped,
They are made envious and bitter.
A gift should enable people to grow in grace,
But the giving of American money,
Stunts development as the gift stings and stuns.

Is our schooling good?
If you count moral madness good,
Liberal relativity or egocentricity advanced?
Where the facts are said to be best taught,
The universities the richest,
The philosophies are sickest.
And is work done to enhance God’s glory,
No, the measurement of all things is money.
Money is all that counts to most.
A larger profit dictates poverty in the product,
And money is the sole motivation of work.

Is the country then loved around the world?
Are its good deeds appreciated? I suggest, no.
If an army sent is your only idea of a good deed,
How will it earn the appreciation of the ones killed?
If you believe this, though you believe in Christ,
You think like the Devil.
I do not see how two such opposite views may dance together,
With one mind to the same beat..
I-suggest America if it has been blessed,
Has been put on the spot by the blessings.
Advanced enough rope to hang itself,
Given enough credit to show itself a poor businessman,
Who goes overly into debts he cannot pay,
Given enough excess to illuminate its lack of wisdom,
By the misuse of its gifts,
Made superior to others as a tragic hero is set up,,
To show the defect in his character.

The rise of America and its wealth,
May have fascinated many obsessed by power and riches,
But the delineation of its moral collapse,
Whose fall we are now seeing going on around us,
And once set in motion will not cease to snowball,
Exhibits the greater and deeper lessons,
Of the suicide materialism entails.

It is all very well to mumble piously,”God bless us,”
But do we really want the test of a blessing?
Are we morally prepared for a blessing?
A blessing is an excess of good fortune through grace,
That implies a choice has to be made by the one blessed.
To go up or down.
Or he may go up one way and down another,
Splitting society as it has.,
As America has gone up in wealth and power,
It has fallen down in Christ,
No longer does Christ blaze for America has He once did,
And consequently America has degenerated in morals and spirit.
In honesty, in integrity, in compassion, in community,
From early political thinking, in mutual concern,
~ helping each other more as American once did.

Because America has grown bigger,
Does not mean it has become better,
It seems rather to have become worse in spirit and soul,
As it has become bigger and more cumbersome in empire.
The literal minded will never hear this nor understand,
As they are deaf as plutocrats and blind as stone,
To the sounds and sights of grace,
As they are not recognizers of a spiritual world,
The multi—complex dimensions of God.
But I suggest this truth to the grace aware:
In all important spiritual things that really matter,
Principles important to the foundations of civilization,
The natural laws pleasing to God we should observe,
America has fallen. It is a sad truth,
But it is obvious to those touched by grace,
When they see the situation around us.

Yet there is little reason to despair,
When the great wealth of America is gone,
Much of it wasted, and our spiritual heritage is squandered,
Much of it most foolishly,
This truth remains:
All the principles humanity is to be judged by,
Will still stand like the pillars of a ravaged monument,
Recalling amd reminding us of our eternal obligations,
We cannot escape, evade or pervert, try as we may.
Because yesterday mankind thought like a wrecking crew,
Does not mean people may not restore and build anew tomorrow,
And maybe the new builders will be better at it,
Because of the wisdom mankind has learned,
From the past mistakes that people have made,
But consideri-ng human nature,
I wonder. I doubt it.
But grace is everywhere and in everything.
It has brought us safely down strange highways.
The journey has often been tiring as well as trying,
And to say the least, bizarre in some of the sinners met,
But who would take anything for working along with God?
As in Him is glory, laughter and accomplishment,
And having come thus far,
Who but a Doubting Thomas could not believe?
God’s grace can lead us home.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.