No Public Schools

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Why do we need our own Protestant and Christian schools?
Why, for that matter, do we need almost anything but the
public schools for our children? There is not time to give
a full and comprehensive argument, but let me give you a short
personal insight that may help.

Anne Coulter in her excellent book, “Godless The Church
Of Liberalism” (Crown Forum, New York 2006) makes the analogy
that Liberalism is a Church. (This analogy I believe is
worthwhile to help clarify your thinking. The book well worth
reading.) She notes that the clergy of Liberalism are the
public school teachers. Alleluia! A score for truth.

The reason that I believe this is not only true, but
insightful is such has been my experience down to the ground.
When I was much younger I taught in the public schools. Although I
had finished a private boarding school where the education was
much superior to public schools, my grandfather had been
a School Supt. (as well as my uncle so there was a firm family
tradition of public school service in the family.)
So I felt teaching in a public school was a higher if less
prestigious moral calling than a private one.

Anyway to teach in a public school I had to pass the
state teacher’s exam for my teaching certificate. I had been
surfeited in graduate school with nonsensical as well as liberal
“Educational” courses as a part of the requirements
for a certificate to teach. Of course I had been disgusted by
the unbelievable liberal nonsense taught in the courses.
But no teaching certificate, no teaching job.

Anyway I decided to take the state teacher’s test the
first time giving answers that I considered to be really
true and/or what I felt to be reality as I had
experienced it. Naturally, I did not let any professor's or
graduate school officials know what I intended. I took
the test honestly and, of course, I failed. My professors
were much shocked but I appealed to grace and lied. I
said I felt I was coming down with flu that day.

In a year or so I took the test again. This time I
answered the questions with teacher pleasing and liberal
answers. This time I quite honestly didn’t believe an answer
I gave to the state teacher's exam. Every answer I had                     given was either godless, specious, poor logic,                                 rotten philosophy, a denial of common sense,
a corruption of history’s lessons, or a plain social
lie. Actually, to pass this test successfully, if you
really believed this nonsense, you had, in my opinion,
to be mindless, brainless and possibly amoral.
Now the contents of this test were stupid, conventional,
godless and intellectually disgraceful. But what really
bothered me was there was no real difference in
the liberal American democratic method or strategy of
brain washing people by forcing what beliefs they are to
teach on teachers and then on their students through
educational bureaucracies just as done in Stalin’s Russia.

The liberal drivel and lack of discipline in education is
from liberal propaganda forced on the teachers of the young
through government bureaucracies set up by state legislatures,
and national bureaucracies or departments set up by Washington.

Stalin’s communist bureaucracies were shadow-governments
set up by Stalin to control the state. The communist propaganda
then taught by these shadow governments bureaucracies
set up rules called policies that are really equal to
laws. These independent shadow governments had the
right to issue licenses, certify and make rigid rules.

In the same way this country is a system of unelected
shadow governments appointed by scurrilous politicians
in state legislatures and/or Washington. (Sometimes even
by the United Nations). These shadow governments are
octopus like Departments that have offices and bureaucracies
that issue licenses, give certificates stating legal or illegal
as well as punitive powers. These Departments are making laws a.k.a.
as rules for people without a vote taken. Always liberal!

I say with Patrick Henry, “Forbid it. Almighty God,”
but, as you know the system is forcing liberalism upon us
through bureaucracies, universities, schools, and government
Departments. Christians are forced to accept and endorse
liberalism. The spiritual groups are not just Christians
but Buddhists, Moslems' and other faiths.

Our best hope is to have a choice of a plurality of
schools teaching different philosophies and faiths. I suggest:
Do not attend public schools. Back vouchers. Eschew liberal and
political governments of states and Federal Departments forcing
liberalism as a godless philosophy anywhere. Specifically:
Back Private Schools. Do Home Schooling. Start Church Schools.

Many good people remain teachers in the public system
as “Closet Christians,” being forced to pretend to liberal
beliefs and philosophy. These teachers stay for the kids.
They are under constant pressure from government bureaucracies
staffed by liberal personnel who make up a Spanish Inquisition
trying to change America. For these teachers, let us pray. I
know the tension they are under. I have been one. But I am
now free, but some teachers and many, many children remain captive.
But let us not be overly concerned with liberalism.
It is just one more vanity of thought soon to be replaced by
another, equally shallow. Christians will do better in schooling
if they keep the faith, in their own schools, in their own
ways. The desire to keep the Christian children in the
public schools is turn them into janissaries, (supporters) which, to
to some degree, is a done fact. But this is done largely
through the godless peer groups they are thrown in liberal
youth reservations to learn with. The children learn from
as well as with their peers.

While I may have argued about liberalism in a minor way,
it is wrong to argue in a major way, since arguing often
arouses ugly emotions that stray off the issues and keep us
from being gracious and concerned.

Our real business is to serve God and the people He created
in His image. Our business is not arguing. It is loving and
doing. It is being concerned and caring. The Way Of The Cross
Leads Home. So let us follow the way of the Cross with confidence
that lets others see that we are about our Father’s business.
The Father’s business includes getting Christian children off
the godless liberal youth reservations and away from the schools
and state bureaucracies and national departments teaching and
following the ridiculous principles of liberalism.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.