On Education

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People will tell you to make your child a success, send the child to school. I suggest they are wrong. Not only are they wrong, they are dead wrong. If you want to make your child a success, the last place to send him is to schools as we know them today. The public as well as the secular private schools we have today are normally dysfunctional as well as passive reflections of a decadent and corrupt society.

If you want your child to be success, I give for your consideration that in order to be a success, there must be first some spiritual success as a foundation of character to build any real success worth having.  Therefore don’t send the young person to the public schools, secular private schools or state universities. There, any sort of character, spiritual success or moral outlook will be looked down on and eliminated quickly by the peer group, old time liberal administrators as well as new time “politically correct”  teachers.

However, if a child is to be only a materialist success, that is accumulate a whole lot of money, be chief  hog in the American Hog Heaven, I put forth the idea he doesn’t need school either. All he needs is the  unbridled selfishness he was born with through original sin, a few facts to scam with, as well as to be clever at hiding his genuine character.

If he’s not clever at covering his tracks or his opinions, then like most of the real successes in our society, all he needs a public relations expert. He needs a better image. He doesn’t really need school either but he  can pick up a lot from that immoral and amoral peer group when he’s young and formative. He can pick up almost as much from the active corruption on TV. Our schools are perfect training camps to be a rich,  amoral success in an immoral society. Just play the liberally orthodox and politically correct game of the power elite. Of course a decent person might rather die first, but we are not discussing irrelevant and old fashioned ideas like decency or morality. We are discussing preparation for American success, new style.

Do you really think your children get much if anything positive out of school? Let’s be practical. Your child will learn the importance of social adjustment in a corrupt and decadent peer group. In California some of the kids are on marijuana by fifth grade and sexually active by sixth grade.

That Social Adjustment is the true aim of the educational system has been put on record by every  legislature of every state in the Union. Educators have followed like lambs the pontifications of the  Education Departments, national and state. This is what is taught in all Education Departments of nearly all universities and colleges. That’s why they have those inane, insane Education Departments, government or state certified..

To be a certified teacher in any state in America and country in Western Europe, you must have proof of  having had lots of dopey Education courses. Of course if you have the teaching certificate to teach up to college, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have accepted that point of view. For example, I have one. I took the teaching test the first time, told the truth and flunked it.

Then I took it a second time, accepted every blasted liberal lie and all the politically correct nonsense and  passed. (I did the Double-Speak American society demands today). Am I ashamed? Certainly not.             I claimed grace. I said, “Lord, I don’t owe these escapees from a liberal lunatic asylum of topsy-turvy ideas anything”. That is not what the “social contract” means. I have spiritually seceded from the social contract as it is presented to me now. I felt a little like Martin Luther in doing this, only I put it a little different. I thought: Here I stand. I can do no other. God help THEM. Amen

You see my test was set up wrongly as is quite common in school circles. I had learned all the answers to the questions. But my dispute was that liberal nonsense and politically correct nonsense was put in as the “right” answer that you had to give to pass. The test was of course multi-choice. Had the test asked what the liberal answer was or the politically correct answer was, I could have answered it easily. But in this test you had to check right answers. All those answers considered right were liberal or politically correct.

Now had my directions said, “mark the liberal answer or the politically correct answer” I would have passed. But they did not do that. You had to mark the “right” answers. Practically all the inane liberal answers and politically correct answers had to be checked as right to make the passing score. So if I knew a liberal answer, but I did not think it was the right answer I would not check it. But these were the usually intolerant academics of liberalism and the “bigoted” political correct.

You do understand that the foundation book of liberal educational philosophy is Jean Jacques Rousseau’s book, “Emile.” In that book if Emile breaks a window, he is not to be chided. The tutor is to say and do nothing. Not even if it takes two weeks. Don’t fix the window. The teacher is to wait until Emile comes to his senses and complains it is cold. Naturally this is France and the window is broken. At  that time the tutor tells him it would not be cold had he not broken the window. This is the great enlightenment. Emile is then supposed to say how sorry he is for breaking the window. I think they fix it together. The curtain then falls on this wretched educational farce with faked up and sentimental  cardboard views about human nature and children’s natures.

Now let’s go for reality! What do you as a teacher do for two weeks in winter with an open window while Emile (who must be retarded) supposedly figures the Buddha enlightenment out? In reality, if he is clever, Emile may never bring it up. Let me give you a true story about kids and human nature. Contrast the human nature in it with Emile and Rousseau’s nonsense.

                                The Santa Claus List

After I figured out Santa Claus was fake, I never mentioned it because I didn’t want the gift game ruined. My father kept saying in hushed tones, “He must know.” My mother kept saying back, “But we don’t know he doesn’t know. We can’t do anything until we know he knows.” So my father would say, “Ask  him.” My mother countered, “You ask him, I haven’t the heart.” But my father didn’t have the heart to ask either.

So I made an extra long Santa Claus list that year in case that was my last. I even added one or two items my older brother wanted as lagniappe. I gave these to insure he wouldn’t give away the game.          I knew if he got jealous and informed on me then the gravy train was over. My father would give me Jesus and a lecture on a long range spiritual ethic. But I knew he would regard me as a case of arrested spiritual development interested only in the immediate gratifications of materialism. He would also be right. But I did not want to go into that at the time. After all, I was only eight years old then.

Still when Santa Claus came that Christmas, my brother and I found ourselves looking at each other over the most enormous pile of Christmas gifts we had ever seen. My parents had also been afraid it was going to be my last Santa Claus Christmas, so they had outdone themselves on my list and then added some. I loved it and so did my brother, but we both felt guilty consciences. We knew we needed to buy our consciences off. Without saying a word, we knew what we had to do.

I got a big basket and picked out the gifts I liked least as did my brother. We liked them less, but we knew they would look great to many who had nothing. And as we knew how to insure our forgiveness in Heaven: we each put one thing we liked very much into the poor basket. There had to be some real suffering on our part to make it genuine. Then we announced to our parents that we wanted to take some of our gifts to share with poorer children

We saw immediately the great happiness we had given our parents in doing this. That made us feel even happier as together our family went out the door and down the steps to distribute gifts to poorer children.  But that wasn’t to be our last Santa Claus Christmas. My brother and I liked it too much. We decided to do it over next year. We agreed I would be quiet and innocent appearing, and my brother wasn’t to tell I knew more than it seemed I did. I knew it cost my brother not to squeal because he loved to snitch, but he kept silent. His greed held him back. It developed his character.

Everything worked out of course next year. We had several good Santa Claus Christmases to go yet. Each year we regularly shared our gifts with those not getting any. When we came back from the sharing, my  mother always went to her room where in privacy she always wept. She wept because of the unfortunate she had seen. And she wept over the fact we had shared. She thought she had such good children.

My brother and I were glad we had made her happy and delighted she thought well of us. Yet we never understood why when we made Mother happy, she cried. My father told us that was a woman for you, only he didn’t understand and mere men were not supposed to understand women. Just love them and don’t worry about understanding them. By and large, that is exactly what we did  through life. My father always gave good advice.

                                      *    *    *    *    *

So back to the kid, Emile, who can’t figure out the broken window chills the room in winter. He can know it, all right, but maybe he never brings the matter up. Why do so? Emile may know when to button his mouth. Contrast Rousseau’s Emile with real kids like the ones I told about. Emile, the cardboard  figure, makes anyone want to throw up.

Rousseau’s book, “Emile,” the foundation book on liberal methods of teaching, never realizes the human nature of kids who are just as neurotic as anybody else. Kids can be perverse. Emile could for example, have a tantrum when he breaks a window or is reprimanded. Liberals just don’t face the perversity of human nature in children or adults. (You can bet Rousseau didn’t face the perversity of children either. He had four of his own and put them in an orphanage rather than rear them himself. Then he did his book, “Emile” on how to rear a child. Oh, liberals! How long, oh Lord?)

Now what would I have done as a teacher? I would have said, “Emile, that broken window is inconsiderate of others. You are going to have the expense of fixing it taken out of your allowance. You will also go to  detention on Wednesday.”

If I had had to teach in winter in that room I would have made sure the window was fixed. You know some army studies have demonstrated how things are remembered better by giving unpleasant rewards than pleasant rewards at times. I am not beneath punishment. As for Emile     I would have liked to assault him, but because I would have liked to, does not mean I would have. I don’t think self-control is in the liberal picture either.

I wish to make it plain that when I took the state teaching state test, it was not having to know the liberal way to answer the questions that bothered me. I have always enjoyed knowing how different  philosophical views would answer different questions. What disgusted me was the categorizing of the liberal answer as the RIGHT answer. The liberal answer or politically correct answer always was the right  answer. Now that, if you don’t know it already, is laughable. I laugh by common grace as I am saved by special grace, and by grace I laugh in grace.

Laughter is a part of Christianity, so don’t hesitate to laugh. I have always felt Cardinal Newman got  it wrong in his poem, “Lead Kindly Light.” I would have done it, “Laugh kindly, Light,” not sarcastically or bitterly but “Laugh kindly, Inner Light.” Because I feel as we laugh kindly, the Creator God is laughing kindly with us. I laugh in the Lord as scripture bids us do all things. He fills “thy mouth with laughter, and thy lips with rejoicing.” This is in “the joy of His way,” (Job 8:19)  I laugh through common grace as I am saved by special grace. I laugh through grace and by grace. Laughter is at its best, a state of grace that cheers us and relieves us mightily. Is not this God’s Will?

Actually, I don’t think there is an always right answer in teaching. In teaching you must learn the methods there are, then devise, synthesize or originate your own until the kid gets interested in something. Or even if we boiled down things to “whatever works,” it is obvious, more than obvious, from our present school systems and universities, the liberal answer, the present answers, the “politically correct answers,” do not work except to create bigotry and show intolerance. There is no sense of humor or tolerance in them. They cannot be a universal answer. Different philosophies work for different people of course, but I could think it might be a rule of thumb that the “politically correct “ works for  the intolerant in training to be fascists of some sort.

It is also obvious the schools at all levels are dysfunctional in themselves as institutions. Our schools are among the worst places education should be outsourced to. Put an Indian on a Indian  Reservation, and he will act like a Super Indian. Put an adolescent on an adolescent reservation, which is a good name for a school, and he will act like a Super Adolescent. All you’re making of them at higher  levels in schools are bigger fools than they have to be because of the overflow and reinforcement of too much of what is already bothering them around them.

I suggest the really young need to have their characters formed at home or in home schools. This is a difficult and expensive thing to do for working women, but it might be able to be arranged  through churches or neighbors getting together. But remember, Big Brother State Education, thanks to the state legislatures, American congress and the courts now run the neighborhood schools in not a neighborly manner. The rules and philosophies have been set up by the legislatures and approved by the courts. Therefore you know they are near obscene to start with.

The basic problem in being a Christian parent is you want a grass roots education for your child that goes from the beliefs in your home up. Nearly everything nowadays that has to do with schools is handed  down by the government in the form of congress, courts or bureaucracies trying to engineer their whacko agendas for society from the top down. In other words the government and great universities don’t want your kids reared from you, the birth parents, up. You might rear them as Christians. That would be awful and immoral to the “politically correct.” They want your child reared and nearly everything controlled from the top down. Don’t believe it?

Well, the government, the state boards, the courts will all say what I am saying is wrong. They’ll dump a  torrent of words and even slick TV advertisements on you. The intellectually lazy and the ignorant and the gullible will believe another dumping of Big Words By Big Brother. IF YOU BELIEVE THEM, I  WANT TO SELL YOU A BIG BRIDGE IN BROOKLYN.

So what can you do? Let me remind you that you do not have to accept all the simply pseudo-idiotic propaganda and consequent commercials. Nor do you have to disprove ideas. You can simply ignore them. I don’t know any philosophy that has ever been disproved. History has simply  passed it by. Liberalism, political correctness, and all the rest of it should be sent without refutation to the garbage dump of history. Leave the cultural baggage at the station and go on about changing your life. By the way, always support vouchers.

I also want to bring up giving money to your universities and colleges. DON'T! First, money is supposed to be a reward for doing good. Do you think the job the politically correct universities are doing is good? If so, then Good Grief! On the forms you fill out when your young adult is at the university is which dope joint do you prefer your student smoke at when in college? Should it be “crack” or  “meth.”

Having faced the fact that most of our universities are teaching Self Destruction 101 (no tuition) along with the physics (high tuition) on campus, I say, “are you sure you want your child in college?  But then mothers honestly ask me, “If I don’t send my daughter to college, where is she going to get a  husband?” Then I answer, “Lady, if she gets her husband there, have you considered what kind of dope head for a son-in-law you may get?.

Instead I compromise with mothers on not living on campus but at home or in a good place, and commuting to school to get the physics courses, not to breeze around on the campus that is lit up with nightly dope fairs instead of neon carnivals. You are aware many young people at universities are fine young people who need the academic courses the university can give, but don’t need the 24 hour live on campus course on How Not To Live.

Besides the obvious factor of being ruined for a life time on “meth,” or the dope of your choice, there are many other problems on university campuses: open and flagrant materialism on the right wing, obvious “political correctness” on the left wing, antique liberalism in the conventional middle, and a strong dislike of the spiritual, the Christian, the life of righteousness and virtue. As Michelangelo said of his period during the Renaissance, “they see every sort of beauty but the beauty of holiness.” We can say much the same of the campuses of today as well as many, many other locations in America. They are places of bigotry as well as intolerance and aggressively anti-spiritual in orientation.

Actually in America our crowded prisons, criminal reservations, are the best place to send young criminals to be perfected in their criminality. There they share and teach each other criminal methods and perfect hardened professional criminal attitudes. I know this because I have worked at what used to be called a “reform school.” So I have been inside and seen what prisons are. Whatever else they may be, they are schools in crime.

Actually many of our universities and secular colleges function in a niche above prisons but about like prisons. The great lessons of the great universities schools of today are in materialism and how to be a victim through identifying with some minority. (Nearly everybody can be a  minority victim today. There are more Buddhists than Presbyterians in America today, for example. The Buddhists think they are a minority. The Presbyterians are now a minority in the comparison of their smaller size than Buddhists, so white Presbyterians I find are now learning to  dance the minority polka by pointing out how affirmative action represses them as white. Also I am given to understand, white people will soon be in a minority in America. Ah, the vistas of  political chaos that opens. lt boggles the mind.) Do you want your children to learn these lessons of  self-victimization and materialism? Why not be kind? Just shoot them?

The great vices of the academic world are intolerance and bigotry by liberals and the politically correct. Then there is the old stand by of too much drinking alcohol, promiscuous sexuality, snobbery, and spending money foolishly. Dope, however, is something rather new and not an old standby. Then I suggest the habit of school people, of dividing the world into people with degrees and people without degrees, particularly for jobs and associations, is foolishness indeed. But this is what the country seems to have come to. That is much to be regretted.

I suppose what I am saying to you is that you should not have a blind faith in education, particularly American education. I think it needs reforming badly. Please think about what I have said. Whether you agree or disagree with me it is quite all right. I am preaching to your conscience and your conscience must decide your conclusions. I am preaching to you as it says in 2nd Corinthians 4:2 “by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.”

As for you young people, I would say that we badly need personal witnesses to Jesus Christ on the campuses of all schools. Those on most campuses today do not think they need Christ or want Christians and members of other religions representing the spiritual life. However, the schools of America need God. I hope you will take Christ to whatever school or university you attend. But think before you go, Let your motto be: Pray, Work and Think.

Believe the Gospel and live in peace. Laugh much. Love all. Honor God.   


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.