What Is Good Education ?

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American parents generally wish to send their children
to college so the kids will make more money. It is right in
line with their hyper-materialistic values. Otherwise
why send impressionable young people to adolescent reservations
packed with those on dope, peers and staff, and colleges hiring
liberal professors who often make their charges into everything
a decent parent would not want! (In the name of the mind those
mindless of character rationalize their teaching.) Then after
college the young may be sent back to their homes to be
characterless appendages their parents may have to bear suffering
over as the children live out doped and skewed thinking lives.

The American High School student’s possible corruption on
dope packed adolescent reservations with accompanying liberal
staff is forced attendance because of government laws.
But attendance at the colleges is not demanded by law.
It is part of a policy of enticement through greed.

I suggest that you consider private or home schooling.
Perhaps the best for your child is to be freed from urban
high school adolescent reservations complete with peer
gangs to teach brutality and adult liberals to teach lack
of character as homage to the mind. Afterwards try Christian
colleges if sending away from home; or, if living at home,
institutions of technology offering day time classes.

As parents I understand the desire to give your child
schooling to make more money since in America money is the
be all and end all. Your child is going to have to survive a
hostile and sexually hot, money mad, even money obsessed
society. One where good schooling is available only in
moneyed neighborhoods, good houses available only in
moneyed neighborhoods, adequate medical care for the poor often
not available without money. But sex and dope of various varieties
are easily available to anyone with money. A degenerate society!

In a log cabin down South a father said, “I am better in shacks
isolated in the country with no plumbing rather than in the
expensive government project apartments in town. Isolated in
the country my children aren't thrown in with children and adults
on crack and God knows what else as in city apartments.” (Please
remember the bromide so dear to the liberal establishment is
crime and sin are caused by poverty. Doses of money spent on
projects would solve the problem. It increased the problem making
dope housing for the poor. Again the liberal idea is but
sentimental endings from shallow overgeneralizations not thought
out. Popular liberalism is little but Disney World thinking.
When I hear liberal, I laugh. I find either ranting against
God or advocating more money for social debacles.)

The popular educational idea out there is schooling of the
mind to make money. When you do this, you are running the
risk of having your children think like prostitutes. What
are you doing this for? If the answer is money alone, and what
is being done is debasing, parents are encouraging the young
to think like prostitutes. But that is what we have before
us: a society that has prostituted itself for prosperity.
(The Christian churches should be broadcasting this every night
as Moslems do broadcast the name of Allah.)

I tell you one thing wrong in this. Our schools offer
educations of the mind for money. But education for the
mind is not enough. We have it around us and we can see
The education of the heart comes through a relationship
with Christ. In the same way you are schooled in parenting
by having children, you learn a schooling of the heart by
a relationship with Christ.

Now the churches in different denominations and creeds
have offered church educations that are simply schooling
in creeds. You may quote the Bible endlessly. You may
fast forever. But until you are schooled by Christ in a
personal relationship, you know nothing. Even if you are
taught by Christ, you will never know it all as our minds
are too finite and small, but you will know more than
you now do, and you will understand the mysteries of grace.

In the end your heart will determine how you use and
what you do with your mind. The mind is a clever thing
but a cheap thing doing scientific semi-magic tricks,
and all that nicely, but the mind has not love. It
is love that directs the mind. People live for,
by and through their hearts. It is only when love
directs the mind, that the mind is used best and
finds its true greatness.

I speak as and for the Apostle. (I Corinthians 1-13 RSV)
The education of the mind is as nothing without love.
The facts known are yet few and using their results without
love is dangerous to everyone. The education of the mind
without an education for the heart is wrong and incomplete.
It is a schooling that ends in being incomplete and even
grotesque. You must school the mind by the heart.
An education of the mind alone will not stand. It creates
monsters. This is a work of errors (Jeremiah 51:18). Those
thinking such is a firm foundation will see it fail
and fall. Such an education has feet of clay. Watch,
and see the idol tumble and those believing in it fail.

I urge you as believers and would be believers yet unfound
by grace, do not be drawn aside by an education merely
for money as urged by shallow thinkers and liberals who are
plated with degrees in learning but not sterling in character
or redeemed in heart.

Right will be only when hearts steeped in Jesus Christ and
love of God direct our minds. The mind without the heart
is sounding brass. Generally the education given our young
is one of ringing metal. It is a meaningless clang. Everyday
it is much ado about nothing. Only when an education of mind
and heart is offered will schooling offer a good education.
That, I can tell you, is not going to be soon. There
are expensive school systems and colleges that give a very poor
and badly skewed educational offering. Eschew them.

Today I ask you to consider if you as well as your family and
young ones should not begin work on a really good education,
one of the mind and the heart working together to glorify
God? Christ first, Einstein second. We need good hearts
working with good heads. Pray for the heart of Christ to
lead you.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.