The Importance of Elementals

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Your life as well as those of nations and societies should be made with a wise consideration of elementals which are "the internal rhythms of nature." These rhythms are part of our natures and all nature. They were put in by Nature's God at the creation.

If we deny in our living the internal rhythms of nature, which are the "elementals" of human and world existence, we are then more likely to bring suffering on ourselves as well as humanity than if we had wisely observed them. For if we upset the balance of nature, which includes the elemental rhythms of humanity and nature, we or our societies will be more likely to degenerate, wither and be fall into self-misery and social suffering.

Religion is one of the "eternal rhythms" of our nature which is a part of bigger nature. Other (but not all) elementals of nature to be considered are parenthood, family life, community life, love, keeping in touch with earth, awareness and appreciation of nature. A life without these will be poorer for having missed taking part in interior rhythms of nature.

The happiness and fulfillment of mankind does not come primarily from new superficial truths we may chance upon at this time, but which are largely temporary and soon out of vogue. Happiness best comes from an awareness and enjoyment of elementals that were put in us by Nature's God. These awaken us to life and make us vibrate with a sense of being and a feeling of security and order.

A life that honors and is involved in the interior rhythms of nature, the elementals of mankind, is not only a more pleasing life but a necessary one because it maintains the balance of nature and natural feelings that are needed to thrive and survive nature in and life.

To be in touch with our internal rhythms as well as the exterior rhythms of nature does not mean that we must accept these rhythms in their lowest and most debased primitive forms. Rather it means the rhythms of nature must be accepted by us but in so doing elevated to a higher grace, sublimated, raised to a new level of consciousness and ultimately civilized.

Dr. MacLeod's argument with the present drove of spiritually denying and excessive liberals is that they are out of touch with the elementals of nature and the internal rhythms of their being. Because the too liberal see some religions in a primitive and debased form, they wish to deny religion. But it is a terrible mistake to deny the religious impulse for it is a needed internal rhythm of nature necessary not only to individuals but to nations.

Because the liberals see God sometimes degraded by creeds and confused revelations, they try to say there is no God. This opines a tragedy for their civilizations and, perhaps, their personal lives or that of their families. Historically, it is a signal of the coming end of that society whose religion has failed and is morally collapsing.

But Dr. MacLeod suggests the answer to the existence of God or the good of religion is not to deny them, (They are truths put instinctively in our natures by Nature's God.) But to purify them. What nature has given, should not be taken away, because it is there as a part of the balance of nature and things.

Yes, religion is spiritual, but the spirituality may be part of nature's balance to keep materialism from being one sided, self-destructive, and amoral as it now is very widely. The spiritual world, which is real but invisible, balances the material world which is visible and often too real. That is to say that religion as a natural internal rhythm of nature serves a purpose in nature: to keep a desirable balance of nature.

Dr. MacLeod suggests those societies with even a badly debased sense of God will prove better over the long run than those with no religion. Why? Because those with a sense of God are in touch with generating and re-generating natural internal rhythms within themselves and within their cultures. The society without religion or the individual without religion will be out of touch with one of the important internal rhythms of nature that give materialism balance, generate energy, furnish creative principles, moral dedication and self-control.

The question also has to be answered: If religion is eliminated in America, as the liberals are now often trying to do, what will fill the vacuum left by its removal? As we have seen in America, the removal of religion often has been replaced by a decadent, self-destructive and hedonistic materialism.  

A religious lobotomy is now being performed on the American mind by the too liberal. What happens then? When the balance of nature is destroyed, something worse usually moves in to close the vacuum with another and worse imbalance in nature. We can expect this, We have already gotten it partially in America with the widespread decadence that is a result of the de facto triumph of materialism and removal of spiritual religious checks and moral balances.

When we upset the checks and balances of nature by removing religion, as so many too liberal are already doing in American life, what threat to humanity is going to .move in when the balance of nature is removed. When the balance of religion is removed, some worse force will put America in chess-like check. This is evident from history.

But let us make this clear. Dr. MacLeod believes those in touch with their inner natures, the internal rhythms of nature in life and themselves, will do better in the long run than those without religion and who are not in touch with their true natures.

Consider what this means. It means a fundamentalist Muslim in touch with his nature through religion will have more energy and regenerative force than the typical American passive, effete too liberal atheist!

The truth is to those who have some religion will go the victory for they are in touch with the true balance of nature and the internal inner rhythms of nature within themselves. I think we may apply this truth to any country in the world. A country with religion may at times have odd values and strange morals, but it has value and morals.. It is not a values disaster and amoral ruin as many of the countries of the world now are and what a decadent America is becoming.

Yet it is not a choice between a debased religion and no religion. Dr. MacLeod is a spiritual descendent of Martin Luther and a biological descendent of early New England Puritan ministers. He says these were onto a correct principle in faith. Luther did not accept primitive religion but tried to change religion for the better. The Puritans were people with right aspirations (purify religion) but wrong applications (puritanical moral nonsense).

We in America and the world today need to maintain the natural religious bond Nature's God has established for us. Yet instead of accepting debased religions, we need better purifying applications for our own time. We should not lose but reaffirm our religious aspirations. Yet we need to settle on better than old and merely puritan applications for our time.


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.