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Writings on Faith and Religion by The Rev. Dr. James Lewis Macleod (1937-)

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Presented by the Neill Macaulay (1854 - 1916)  Foundation
Founded 1994

We are pleased to be able to offer you some of the books and writings on faith and religion of The Rev. Dr. James MacLeod (1937-). It has been our desire for some time not only to make his books and writings more widely known and read, but to render them freely so they could be placed in the hands of the general public at no expense. Readers wishing to make free copies for spiritual enhancement and non-commercial use are encouraged to do so.
The remarked upon selections of his writings are many. One is listed under the Evangelism section in the Table of Contents, The Call of Christ to the Smugness in the Churches.  Listed under Inspirational is his short Memorial Day Speech, which is that most difficult of all things, a truly effective inspirational.

The fact that Dr. MacLeod is the son of a Southern Presbyterian minister (Presbyterian Church U.S.) accounts for the selection of his book, The Presbyterian Tradition in the South.  Also offered is his book A Season of Grace dedicated to the Roman Catholic writer Flannery O’Connor, who gave him instructions in the craft of writing. A friend, he served as a pall bearer at her funeral.
Dr. MacLeod (1937-) was ordained a minister in 1963 by the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. (Southern) He has also served in the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (national). He retired a few years ago from the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church established in the U.S. in 1783. He served thirty-nine years in the ministry of three different Protestant denominations. He was active as a preacher and a teacher. He is retired but still active today, spending much of his time in speaking and writing.
Dr. MacLeod (1937-) is listed in Marquis “Who’s Who in America”, as well as Marquis “Who’s Who in the World” and Marquis “Who’s Who in the South and Southeast.” His books and writings are brought to you as an educational service of the Neill Macaulay (1854-1916) Foundation, a non-profit foundation in the state of Georgia dedicated to concerns of charity, education and faith.
This is the time for you to read the writings first hand. We at NMF wish you joy of the writings. We suggest you will be reading them more than once, as we have found in them something to return to again and again.
As the reader peruses these works on and about religion the author would like to say, Take the parts and insights you can use or need.  I do not write dogmatic religion you must agree with. The idea is to meet needs so you grow in grace. Some insights may help you. Some you may agree with. Some you may not agree with. Some you can grow into later. Some you may feel you have grown out of already. That's fine. God does not change, but the people who worship Him have changing needs according to where they begin, how they grow and how much they have been given grace to see. My hope is to meet readers where have needs.”

“I would remind you it is not intellectual agreement that holds Christians together, but love alone beyond reason that holds us together. It is this type of love that marks the transcendent love of Jesus Christ. We must love in spite of our differences.”

"I hope the writings contain some allotment of grace for everyone according to need. I do not mean to be all things to all people, but offer something for many. If you get nothing from my writings, that’s all right too. The scripture tells us only those made ready by grace, who have ears to hear, will hear. My writings are meant for the grace filled few God has given understanding ears. If they are meant to hear, they will hear. Where grace is given, it is given. Where grace is not, it is not. This is a mystery. We must trust God on this. I do not know why it is that way, but that is the way it is. But Grace is like the sunshine. When it comes, why argue about it? Enjoy it. It blesses, warms, and cleanly burns."


Most sincerely,

John Auston Henry, J.D.
Neil Macaulay Foundation

Dr. MacLeod's


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  Contents ~
A Season of Grace
Meditations dedicated to southern writer, Flannery O'Connor
I. Most Recent
II. Inspirational
III.  Evangelism
IV. Devotional
V. Baptism
VI. Epistolary
VII. Practical Theology
VIII. Spiritual Growth
IX. Inspirational History
X. Religious Education
XI. Prayers
XII. Sermons and Talks
XIII. Children's Sermons
XIV. Observations
Meditations dedicated to southern writer, Flannery O'Connor

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A Dead Battery

A Modern Psalm

A Modern Psalm II

A Righteous Balance of Living

A Spiritual Change Is Needed

Glory in the Irony of God

God Adapts

Grace Like Music

Grace Will Triumph

Growing Up in God

If A Bird Flies

Instant Gratification, Unrealistic Expectations

Is Your Faith Dead?

Learn What The Churches Learned

Modern Psalm 5

Modern Psalm 3


No One Ever Fully Understands Another

On Being a Great Sinner

On Not Being a Great sinner

Preaching a Prosperity Theology

Recognizing The Dark Side

Smug Christians



The Baby Grows

The Talking Dilemma

The Technological Fishbowl

Two Types of Grace

Why Be Shocked By Evil




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The Reality Of God

On Christian Joy And Laughter

Is God In Your Religion?


Returning God's Love

Double Vision

The Parable Of The Stepmother

The Amused Eye

The Church Learns From The World

God's Magnificence Of Mind On Differences

The Experience Of Grace

Spiritual Civility

Seeing Change Take Place

What Prayer Should Do

God Is Approachable

On Judging Others

Who Is To Be Served

Keep A Practical Relationship

On Learning To Parent

Legitimate Government

Attune Your Faith

On Preaching

Troubling Times Among Presbyterians

Growing Into God

Live By Faith

The Pentecostal Movement

Living From The Heart

Guided By Grace

Joy And Poverty

Lets Talk About Hell

Our Adolescent Society

The Right Order

Real Growth Is From The Inside

The Second Appearance

A Touch Of Christ

The Superiority Of The Spiritual Person

 Law And Gospel


Spiritual Sanity

Doing Right

Creedal Debating Societies 1

Character Washout

The Prodigal Son

God Adapts

Let It Be Known


Successful Prayer

The Experience

Healing Grace

Reality In The Christian Life

Proving God Through Action

The Age of Damocles

Respect Other Faiths

Evil Lashes Back

Memorial Day Speech

The Parable of the Pilot

God Is For Always

Changes in the Church

Making a Decision for God

My Advice To You I Care For

Acts of Grace

The Devil is in the Details

A Part of Nature

Belief in God and Democracy

Four Wise Steps

A New life in Christ

Forced Morality

Christ is Beyond Deserving

On Mainline Churches

I Am Not Overcome

Custom Is Not King

Carpet Morality

Feel as You Feel

Failures That Shake



What most Are Thinking


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Seek The Kingdom Of God

The Bishop Of Beauvais

Our Non-Balanced Thinking

Passion With Reason In It

A Leader In World Decadence

God Needs You

Lament For America

Complete Your Life

Parasites And Ticks

The Common Task

The Natural Fulfilled By The Spiritual

Religion As A Social Organ

Belief In God And Democracy

The Call of Christ to the Smugness of the Churches

To Believe, Trust your Heart

A Deeper Happiness

Growing By Giving

Personal Problem Solving


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Thoughts on Worry

Forgive But Redesign the System


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Charge to Parents

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Letter to a Young Church Member on Character

The Parable of the Goat 

Dear Walter a Letter

Dear Walter II


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Going Beyond Literalism

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Passivity or Action?

The Touch of Jesus

Doing Good Wisely


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The Presbyterian Tradition in the South

Foreword of Family History, 2003

The Field of Honour (The Story of an American Family)


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  The Great Doctor Waddel (pronounced Waddle) (Biography)

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  For The Nervous And Too Worried

For A Great Many Now Confused

For Spiritual Times Every Day

An Old Scotsman’s Prayer

Long Prayer Before Voting

Responding To God’s Presence

Prayers For Bravery To Reach Out

A Prayer For Three Tasks Daily

Prayerful Reflections Of Others

A Prayer For The Undeveloped America

A Prayer In Spiritual Famine

Prayer For One Land, Two Peoples

Prayer On Serving Two Peoples

Thanking God For Mystery

A Prayer Not To Corrupt Principles

A Prayer For A Society With A Naïve Faith in Law

Prayer Of Thanks

Obedience To The Unenforceable


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Learning Great Toleration

Political Change Is Not Enough

Why Do We Suffer

Homosexual Marriage


Get Real

What Is Good Education?

No Public Schools

Christ Above Creeds

Religion And Associated Factors

On Fighting Sin With Sin

Progress ??

For Black People Only

What Do The Druggies Mean?

Live Paul

The Vision

Choose better And Suffer Less

A Mountain To Ride

Reflections On Edgar Cayce

Introduction To Preaching

The Institutionalizing Of The Church


Cheap Grace

The Universal Mind-Sense

Kingdom Moments

Developing Yourself Spiritually

Why An Experience Of God

On Matthew, Chapter Five

On Education

Heaven Or Hell~ Back to Contents

People Goals

Between Ugly Believers And Liberal Nothings

Stepmother Church

Simplify Faith

Virtue And Righteousness

Sympathy for God

Competing Creedal Institutions

The Invisible Spirit

Look Into Yourself To Glimpse God

Off-Key Religion

The Fifth Column

Love Means Trust

A Truth to Consider

The Dead Battery Church

Free Will in History



A Touch Of Madness

To Be The Best


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A Children's Sermon

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The American Experience

The Praise Forgotten

A Paradox: The Baby Grows

On Meeting God

On Love Above Creeds

Be Advised

Christ Blazing

Computer Games


Keep Silent

Not Act?


Promised Land

Stoning the Devil


The System

On Liberals

If The Truth Were In

I Can Be Tender

Earth Has Its Moments

Of Grace And Unity

If All You Have To Do

If Heaven Has Eternity

Organized Religion


Your Life Is Your Prayer





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