Dear Walter II

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Dear Walter:

I am sorry you are upset that I would not accommodate
you by putting up your bail. I knew you would flood me
with promises of reform. I am sure your promises are
meant sincerely but I also suspect you have “Jail House

Jail House Religion is when you sincerely believe
good promises made from the jail to get out. You promise
you will avoid drugs, alcohol and do better. I’m sure you
mean what you promise, but you will not accomplish
anything unless your attempt to change has some definite
structure to it. What about this?

I can see members of the congregation and
probably get you a job. Perhaps we can locate a
job near a half way house where you can live.
But we must face certain facts:

1. You can’t relocate in your old environment.
If you return to your old environment and old friends
where you got into trouble, you will relapse into alcohol and
drugs almost immediately. You need to go to AA regularly.

2. You must go to church regularly, not only to
worship God but to meet good women who will be a
good influence on you. No more can you just look
for a pretty girl who will attract you. You must
look for something more enduring than visual impressions.
Look for stability and common sense and an ability
to manage money. ( I am convinced disagreements on
money cause more than one half the problems of
men and women together.) Also you need to find
good people to associate with. Your old friends
won’t do.

3. You must cultivate the right spirit to have
a boss. Generally drug addicts have an authority
problem. You have to learn authority is not
necessarily your enemy. Authority can also be
a supportive friend. You have not had a good
father so you will probably be prejudiced against
authority. You can’t spend your life pouting about
authority. Give authority a chance so you
can see authority figures can be supportive
as well as corrective.

4. Once you have a job, let us try to form a support
group to help you. It should include your local minister,
a mental health therapist or psychologist who is not
a smart aleck liberal anti-Christian and others you can
relate to or talk to. It is absolutely necessary to
have people whom you trust that you will communicate
with. And it is absolutely necessary to communicate
with people sympathetic to you on a regular basis.

I should warn you when you get out of jail, the
criminal justice system will be a handicap to you,
not a help. The government workers in it are
bureaucrats whom it is difficult to fire. They
don’t care what they do. They are like most government
bureaucrats: arrogant and cynical. They have no real
interest in the people the government pays them salaries
to serve. The government parole organizations bother
people getting out of prison who are usually not
well off for fees constantly. The government
saddles people just getting out of prison for
probation and parole with fees they can’t afford.

One reason you will need a support group is the
government criminal justice bureaucrats and the
parole and probation officers are usually insensitive
and money-mad. Probation and parole fees are simply money
rackets set up by the local governments. You will be lucky to
get a probation officer who simply gets the money and leaves
you alone.

There are a great many crazy liberal do-gooders in this field
stuffed with theoretical liberal nonsense taken in literal
fashion. They call to my mind silly Christians who have
sold their belongings and gone to wait in a tree for the
coming of Jesus. Literal, unbelievably literal.

I must warn you frankly about many of the petty officials of
the law, so you may be cunning. Otherwise you may not succeed.
If you get out of jail, you should be warned about the measure of
those you are going up against: pettiness and insensitivity
licensed by a knowledge of the bug-eyed liberalism that
infests middle class American thinking and dilutes it.
Law bound and spirit-dead the petty offices hold their jobs
in contempt because they despise people who are jailed. Yet
if each person who has broken the law were jailed, the
entire country would be a prison. (Sometimes I wonder if this
is happening. Having let so many aliens in legally or
illegally, the country seems to be becoming alien. I have moments
when it seems alien and something of a Frankenstein creation
by mad liberal intellectuals.)

I tell you this from hearing confession of sins for forty years.
The difference is between the caught and the uncaught. Human
nature is the same. None can look down on another. Never feel
that because you have been in jail, you are worse than other
people. The really sick ones are the people who think they are
better than others because they have demonstrated superior
control over their fantasies. No, human nature is the
same silly putty for all everywhere.

The foolish ones are the smug and self-righteous thinking they
are better than others because they have demonstrated better
control over their fantasies. A puff of pressure, a push of
fashion, the right accident at the wrong time, and anyone’s
control system like an immunity system may fail

We are all brothers. We should recognize our common human
nature and support each other, not drawing back from each
other as if some were better. I often see the good are
not good. They just control themselves better. And this
better control can be learned. That is what you must do.
Also grace will be given to those who sincerely seek it.

Oh, Lord. I am beginning to preach. It is an occupational
hazard. I apologize. The point of the letter is
if you agree to my conditions on your release, I would
agree to getting you out of jail. Consider what I have said.

I am risking being frank in advising you honestly on this.
After all in this degenerate society, anyone who is frank
is criticized heavily by “pressure groups” and is supposed
to learn to say conventional lies and flattering nonsense as
“public relations.” Then it is bad form in our society to
appear earnest. It is considered “uncool.”

However, we have two things on our side. I am not
running for any elected office so I can be honest and candid.
You are not starring in a movie so you do not have to be
“cool.” I hope you are not trying to imitate the movies
and appear “cool” to your friends. I hope you have
outgrown that or have more good common sense.

Believe me, I care,

James L. MacLeod


Dr. James MacLeod may be contacted through the Neill Macaulay Foundation.